Monday, October 7, 2019

Police Promotion Party

HF's Sergeant party was this past weekend. For decorations I set up the food table with the following: 
Pearl Black and Dark Blue balloons. I was going to make a garland or an arch with them but decided that just a row across the top would suffice. Black foil fringe backdrop, crime scene kit (includes crime scene tape, crime scene markers, and chalk) and thin blue line flag are from Amazon. Table cloth and congrats balloons are from Walmart. The chalk was to make a body outline on our driveway pointing to the front door. If kids are coming and you want to make it less scary, draw a smiley face on the chalk outline and have hand outline pointing to the front door or party entrance. I got blue and black plates and napkins, cups, and gold utensils from Walmart. 
Possibly my favorite decoration: I printed out a picture of "CHiPs" tv show for our bowl of chips. I used the crime scene markers to mark the different foods on the table. The food we served were pigs in a blanket (we just grilled hot dogs and brats) with a variety of toppings and buns, assorted fruit, a veggie platter, chips, Popcorn aka Cop Corn, and a cooler of drinks labeled "Cop Pop". Some other fun food ideas I saw online were Miranda "rice" krispies, and thumbprint cookies. Some good police party food ideas and displays are found here.
I ordered 3 dozen donuts from a local donut shop. Ask your donut shop if they will do a special order! They could do a shield shape with yellow icing, thin blue line, etc. It's worth finding out. They got my order wrong. It was kind of a fiasco, but donuts are donuts and we ended up with these and I was okay with it. For one, the thin blue line was supposed to be on chocolate donuts instead of white icing, but oh well! The "Stop Resisting, Take a Donut" sign is from Etsy
This bucket was labeled "seized goods" and it held the prizes for our Bingo game. 
I printed off the evidence labels and affixed them to these little mini paper bags. They were filled with caramel and cheese popcorn.
I made a police bingo game by using this website
Guess the Cop game I made when HF graduated the academy. You can make your own or I made mine available here.
Pin the mustache on the cop! My daughter drew this police officer and we used sticky mustaches for all the players. I think there may have been some peeking. No one sticks it on that perfectly. We also had some outdoor games set up like Bocce, Cornhole, and a mini shooting range (nerf and airsoft). 

It was kind of like a giant kid's birthday party but for grownups and it was so much fun. I can't wait to have another reason to throw a police themed party again.

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