Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's weekend

As I'm typing this, our neighbor, who lives in NYC, and only shows up once a year to visit and stay in his townhouse, is playing the piano. HF and I are playing "name that tune". So far, we have The Beach Boys' "Cocomo", The Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody", and Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World". Sounds like they have The World's Greatest Hits music book. I think Unchained Melody is his favorite. He's playing it over and over and over again.

On Valentine's Day, Hot Fuzz had academy, but only until noon! Even though we aren't big on celebrating Valentine's Day, it was exciting to have him home for most of the day Saturday. He said that they did more ground fighting. They did a drill where the cop was at the bottom and a "bad" guy on top. The cop had 10 seconds to get the bad guy off before the instructor sent in another bad guy. He won each time. Something about bridging and arching, or an oompa? Whatever all that means. Then when he got the guy off of him, he stood up and got his gun out, and told the incoming bad guy to get on the ground. He had a rubber knife and wouldn't drop it, so he shot him. He shot him by yelling, "Bang! Bang!"

We're not big into celebrating Valentine's, but we make it more of a big deal for the kids. In the morning, we made blueberry muffins in heart shaped muffin tins. They went so fast, this is the only picture I got.Then while HF was away, we made him his Valentine. His own blueberry mini loaf.

Sugar loaf seemed fitting for a cutsie-wootsie name to call him on V-Day. When he got home I took a nap and went shopping all by myself! When I got home he surprised me with a clean house, mopped floors and all. That's all I really want on Valentine's Day. A break from the kids and a clean house. It was pretty much the best day ever.

I forgot to mention that I had to give Luke, our 3 year old, the Heimlich tonight, or something like it. He always shoves way too much food in his mouth no matter how much we coach him on taking small bites and chewing it all up before eating more. It never works. Anyway, he was choking and not making a sound and I went over to him and dug as much as I could out with my finger. He still had something lodged back in his throat and so acting as quickly as I could, I just went behind him, put my arm in front of him and pushed him over my arm a bit and pounded his back. I don't know if that's right or not. I was trying to remember what I was supposed to do to a toddler in this situation. After it happened and I let myself cry in the fetal position for a few minutes, I realized that I didn't panic or freeze! I did everything I could calmly and quickly and so I was pretty proud of myself. But now he has to be supervised ALWAYS while he's eating until he goes to college.


Momma Val said...

OMG, how weird. My 2yo had a choking episode at Target last night of all places. It was just me and him. I broke down and grabbed a box of the little Famous Amos cookies so he would sit in the cart while I shopped. Such a horrible mother I know. Then he had so much in his little mouth that he couldn't even close his lips. Then he started to cough that scary cough, where the eyes water and their face turns red and they lock eye contact with you (maybe from fear or looking for help or guidance?). Luckily he got it up himself. I know what my husband has told me about how to do it BUT I do not actually know how to do it either. I am heading to Youtube right now to see if there's a video for toddler Heimlich. Great job!!! You did exactly what needed to be done to get it out. Thank God, it is a very scary thing when they choke.

Slamdunk said...

Good work Mrs. F.

If you husband did that at work his department would award him a lifesaver badge or something. I think you should demand similar recognition--an award from your family.

Stephanie said...

I thought you said you didn't do much for Valentine's day. Sounds pretty exciting to me. :)