Tuesday, March 17, 2009

not your typical drive by

A lot of the 911 calls HF takes are from college students attending the local university. Mostly college freshmen away from home for the first time. This is one of my favorites. HF took a call from a hysterical freshman. (FG= Freshman Girl)

HF: 911 What's the address of your emergency?

FG: I was walking, and these guys in a pickup truck wearing ski masks, drove up next to me and threw raw hot dogs at me and started yelling WEINER! I feel so dirty!

Once, a dad from out of state called because he was concerned that his son overslept and didn't hear his alarm and probably didn't get to class on time. He wanted a police officer to go and wake him up at his apartment. HF asked him if he thought that his son might be hurt, but the dad said that his son has always slept through his alarm, and he was positive that that was the case. HF said, "This is the police. We don't do wake up calls. Call us back if there is an emergency."

While I understand why the hot dog girl would be upset, after the initial shock wears off, and you realize that no harm was intended, and you are living in the dorms where people do stupid things all the time, wouldn't you kind of think it was funny? It reminds me of an experience I had when I was a teenager. I was walking home from school and some guys pulled up in the bike lane on their scooter and acted like they were stopping to meet me. I didn't mind because I thought they were cute, but then the guy on the back pulled from behind him a fire extinguisher and sprayed me with it at close range. I think because it happened so fast I got scared and upset because I didn't really know what was going on. Once they drove off and I was left there soaking, I was laughing really hard. I thought it was hilarious. But I'm a prankster and I appreciate a good prank.


Slamdunk said...

Wowo, you have a better sense of humor than I did back then--I would have been pissed about the fire extinguisher trick.

We used to get regular 911 calls from people who were mentally ill. They new how to play the game and would always include some information that made the call at least somewhat of a check on the welfare. Some of them were just plain sad while other callers provided humor.

There was one lonely female caller who regularly reported prowlers. It took a few times over a several month period before I noticed that she seemed to come to the door wearing fewer and fewer clothes.

Whenever she called again, I made sure that there were at least 2 other officers with me in case she decided it was time to sport the birthday suit.

mrs. fuzz said...

If it were now I would be upset for sure! Maybe it's because I have 4 older brothers and my entire youth was spent being sabotaged by them on a daily basis.