Monday, May 18, 2009


I've been crashing. It's feels similar to my college days when at the end of a semester. I would go home and just crash for days. I would sleep for hours upon hours, only waking up to eat. I would throw up or dry heave and then just go back to sleep, and on it would go for a few days or even a couple of weeks. I don't know if it was my body's way of making up for lost sleep, or some kind of stress relief, but without fail I would get really sick and that's been the case this time after HF's graduation. The last of the guests left, and I have been zombie like. A little cold and cough, burning eyes from being so tired, waking up in weird places and in weird positions not knowing how I got there, and I don't know if it's the so called mom brain or what, but my short term memory is shot! So forgive me if I'm short on updates this week. The adrenaline that was keeping me going is gone. Now I'm readjusting to a new routine and a new life.

Here's an FTO blooper. Last night HF pulled a guy over for a traffic violation and as soon as he got to his window, a sprinkler turned on and hit him full blast. His FTO was on the other side of the car dying from laughter. I'm thinking that the guy inside the car was secretly going, "YES!"

And from 3 year old Luke who has discovered that daddy is a policeman.

Luke: Daddy, you a policeman?

HF: Yes, do you want to be a policeman like daddy?

Luke: No, I going to be a fire man.

HF: Hey. . .


Erin said...

Oh, man. I totally know the feeling of being completely drained after some big event is over (like leaving school for the semester, LE graduation, etc.). Although the waking up without knowing how you got there thing...I wonder if HF is spiking your drinks!

Meadowlark said...

Hope you're feeling up to par really soon.

And you better start working on the "fireman" thing... ;)

Momma Val said...

Ha! Funny about the sprinkler. Think I commonly get sick too after a big excitement is over. Hope you come around soon. Oh, and I have told cop dad to please not force his police wished on our son and also not to force him to do sports just cause he's a boy. Think many kids that are 'expected' to do things are often disappointed for not following their own dream or fall into depression for not wanting to follow in footsteps. ? Seems that way anyway. Ooh, maybe you aren't sick, maybe "something else" ??? :)

Slamdunk said...

Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well.

I am afraid to say that most veteran police officers would give your son a pat on the head and say "good man" about the fire fighter aspirations. These officers who stop by the firehall while trying to get the vomit off their uniforms, and see all of the good eating, video gaming, weightlifting, and sleeping going on over there--well lets just say that it has a certain appeal many times.

Hogday said...

Smart kid that Luke! He just wants to be loved ALL the time! LoL x

PS, I crashed yesterday too - but it was a car :(

Dori said...

Wow. Get some rest! Sounds like you need it.

Not too long ago one of our firefighters was assaulted while attempting a rescue. The public was outraged! Who would *dare* fight a fireman?! Forget the fact that my husband got cussed at, spit on, hit, kicked, thrown up on, slandered, you name it, on a nightly basis! No public outcry at that! Sheesh. So unfair. Guess it evens out...most firefighters don't get to carry a gun.

Librarian-In-Training said...

Howdy Mrs. Fuzz!!

I am crashing right there with you. Between end-of-the-school-year teaching marathon, graduate school, and CopHuppy graduating from the academy, I'm pooped!! :)

That's right! He's done! If I could possibly muster a toe touch, I would, but that's not happening on this end. Hehe!!

It's so weird that he's out of the academy. For weeks it has been go, go, go, study, study, study! Now here we are, on the other side of things. On Monday, he starts field training.

What an awesome, intense, and nerving time it has been. I'm so glad your party went well! Love your cake!

Make sure you take it easy! You deserve it!! :)

Natalie said...

I'm just glad that you're human, after all! Good luck with the sleep that you deserve but most likely won't get with three little ones running around. I got a big kick out of the fireman question!