Tuesday, June 30, 2009

back from colorful colorado

I came home to a pile of laundry almost reaching the ceiling in the laundry room, a splatter of food on the kitchen ceiling that HF swears he knows nothing about, and 2 large bruises on HF's back that he doesn't remember how he got. He needs me, he really needs me.

Occasionally while I was gone I would have tiny moments of pure panic. OMG! HF could be being shot to death right now! But as quickly as those thoughts came they would go away. I really don't worry, I just don't like being away from him too long. Other than the laundry and the food splatter on the ceiling, he worked a lot while we were gone. He dealt with traffic stops, domestics, and theft reports. FTO is going well. He is 3/4 done! He can't wait to be on his own. I have a CJ update for you all soon. I have to think about how I will put it into words. There have not been many CJ updates since she was hired on as a reserve. HF said that for now she is one of them despite the overwhelming opposition to her being hired. So for the most part everyone wants her to succeed and they are doing their best to give her a fair shot. HF is a nice guy. He still doesn't think she should be an officer, but he's a nice guy.

What I'm most interested in when I leave HF at home alone, is how he eats. He has a history of making himself sick with awful food combinations when left alone. One day while I was gone he called me and said that he made himself the most delicious dinner and that he considered it to be his finest culinary achievement yet. He named it "The King of the Road". His description: my signature bean dip spread over a spinach and herb tortilla with ground turkey and tri colored rotini, all wrapped up. How disgusting. But how do you tell a guy that is so proud of himself.

Some other things he's tried when I've been out of town:
  • a package of oreos and a liter of lemonade (most of us have discovered at a young age that chocoalte and lemonade tastes vomit-like)
  • beef jerky and ice cream. Together. Do those go together? Not since the last time I checked. I remember calling him and he was sitting on the toilet. He said he had to lean over and throw up in the bathtub a couple of times while seated. Gross, I know! But it serves him right. He still hasn't learned his lesson.
  • lime sherbet with chocolate sauce
I'm sure there's more, but you get the idea.

Thanks for all the great comments left on HF's post below. I think he should write more often.


Natalie said...

When FH lived in Scotland on his own, he didn't get a chance to go grocery shopping, so he made dinner out of what he had left: pasta topped with broccoli flavored with mustard.

He was SO proud that he even took pictures and sent them to me. I know. I still cringe.

KD said...

Welcome back! I've missed you. :) HF just didn't do it for me. (sorry, HF)

Slamdunk said...

Wow--those are some odd combos.

On the beef jerky--the mother in law banned the father in law from eating stuff like that so he only eats it when he takes our son fishing. No telling what else they consume on these fishing trips.

Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love to be needed?! :)
Hubs starts FTO training today with his very own rookie officer. I'm reminding him that this is not 'payback' this is an opportunity. We'll see!!!

Erin said...

My hubs' go-to is orange juice and saltines. Weirdo.