Wednesday, July 15, 2009

women of caliber

A few weeks ago, Blue Sheepdog did a post entitled, Teaching Citizens Real Self-Defense. I was curious about the women of caliber website after reading his post so I decided to check it out.


Their philosophy on women carrying weapons is exciting. After looking around their site, I have a new found desire to, not only carry a gun when I choose to do so, but also learn how to effectively wield it in a combat situation. Guns don't have to be scary, they don't have to be just for the men in our lives, they can be just as effective in our hands if we have have the right training. I'm just speaking as a rookie police wife without any training whatsoever, excluding my redneck shotgun experiences growing up. This is a great website with a lot of resources and valuable information.

I'm curious to know what the female officers think of all this. How do you think the civilian self defense courses measure up when compared to what you know as an officer? Are self defense classes worth my time? Do you think the best self defense for a woman is a gun? I just don't want to end up in a class like this one:


Slamdunk said...

Thanks for posting the video--forgotten how funny that is.

Anonymous said...

So, I'm not a female officer... wait, lemme check...

Yup, still male, but I'll add my 2 cents. I think properly trained citizens with guns is a good thing. In my state, concealed carry isn't legal, though. Self defense courses can be excellent if they are realistic and the person taking them practices frequently. I think the best self defense for women will always remain awareness of ones surroundings, trusting ones insticts, and displaying confidence.

mrs. fuzz said...

twp- Thanks for your 2 cents! I forgot to say that anyone's comments are welcome, male or female. :)

Anonymous said...

I told cophusband a few months ago I wanted to learn how to use a gun. I mean, I've shot guns before, been around them growing up, but they always made me nervous. Now I want to really understand them and get comfortable with them. Not, somebody hands me one, tells me what to do and I do it.

But life is busy, and we have yet to do any target shooting. Soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs. Fuzz for the mention on your blog about Women of Caliber - we're honored. Glad you appreciated our philosophies as well.

In my opinion, guns are the best equilizer between a woman and their would-be attacker. I would have to agree with The Warrior Poet that it's about being adequately trained and commited to practice and hone your skills often. I have a husband who is an expert with self defense and a firearm, but it's silly for me to think that he will always be around to protect me. It's a very empowering thing for a woman to have the skills to defend herself if necessary.

Self defense classes are beneficial, but often take years to memorize and perfect techniques. If I were you, I would invest in learning how to shoot. I learned from a man, but it is ideal to learn from a woman who understands how firing a gun can rattle your cage.