Monday, October 12, 2009

shoulder holsters

Oh, baby! Don johnson in Miami Vice sporting the Galco miami classic holster

Thanks for taking the poll: How much education have you had? I liked reading about the variety of education and experience many of you commented about. Here are the results:

highschool or GED
4 (9%)
some college
13 (30%)
7 (16%)
20 (46%)
7 (16%)
0 (0%)
other (such as trade school)
1 (2%)

votes: 52

Now, onto the next poll! During the Off Duty Response portion of the academy, one of the instructors brought in a bunch of different holsters to show options for off duty carry. When they got to the shoulder holster he said, "Just go out and buy one now and get it out of your system. Most guys don't use them, some guys love them, but everyone buys at least one in their career. You might as well get one now and get it out of your system and them move on to find what's most effective for you to use." HF hasn't bought one yet, but he wants to. So my question is, how many of you own a shoulder holster and use it, own one and don't use it, don't own one but want one, or are not interested in one altogether?


Damsel Underdressed said...

I just have to say this...I'm hot for a guy with nice shoulders anyway but add a shoulder holster and holy mother of God! Yeah, I really like shoulders...


Christopher said...

You forgot to include the option of "Had a shoulder holster, didn't use it, sold it to a rookie" :)

Don Johnson qualifies as having nice arms? Really?

mrs. fuzz said...

Damsel-ha ha. I think shoulder holsters for those that love an LEO are the equivalent of cowgirls loving guys in chaps.

Christopher- You're right! Used to but sold it to a rookie needs to be on there! I added it to the poll, only problem is you have to vote again since it deleted the previous votes. There was only 3 so no biggie.

Texas Ghostrider said...

Had one back in the rookie days. I perfer practical over coolness now and I will stick to my holster i wear on my belt. The gun is much more concealed.

copswife said...

I'll have to ask hubs if he's ever wanted one. He's never metioned it. He started out with a middle of the back paddle holster but that one isn't working out.

mrsofficer said...

Hubs said some of the detectives wear them but he isn't too interested.He thinks their are uncomfortable....Then he said unless you want me to look like Don Johnson,um my answer was NO lol

Momma Val said...

Cop Dad says that these are really more for detectives and does not need one because he has his gun holstered on his duty belt. He DOES want an ankle holster for his extra gun a Glock. He wears his duty gun at work and leaves it there but then he also carries one to and from work on his hip and when we go out.

Slamdunk said...

Ha--nice memories. Even off-duty our department did not permit officers using those holsters.

TM said...

Chancho has never used one. He never carries his gun off duty, he leaves it in his locker at work, but on the rare occasion that he does wear it, he uses his pancake holster.

Leah said...

Too funny! CC was just talking about this last weekend! I have a dear friend whose husband is also a cop, and the same build as CC. She said CC could borrow her hub's to see if he liked it, but unfortunately, the holster with the gun in it is wider than his body! It makes me laugh, but I know CC would be the same way! Gotta love a skinny boy!

Natalie said...

Good poll! I asked hubs, and he said he thought about it but doesn't know if he wants to bother with the training needed so he could comfortably wear it and use it.

Dori said...

I don't think he even considered a shoulder holster...but he'll probably come over here and answer for himself. He has a side holster and an ankle holster for both on and off duty.