Wednesday, January 20, 2010

notes from my deathbed

Another unbelievable week at the home front. A week ago, our oldest son vomited all over his room. He was sick for a couple of days. Now he has a cold and cough. Four days ago, our baby vomited in his crib and has been having crazy, messy diarrhea ever since. I have more poop stories if you're interested. Two nights ago as I was getting ready for bed, I began vomiting. Yesterday morning, I woke HF up to see if he could take Daisy to school. He was able to pull some pants on just before running to the bathroom to puke his guts out. Last night after getting the kids to bed (after a whole day of them doing and eating whatever they wanted without parental supervision), our daughter came upstairs holding her tummy. I handed her a garbage bin and she started vomiting. We all felt fine and then BAM! It really snuck up on us. Unfortunately, HF and I will never eat Hummus again since that was the last thing we ate before going to bed.

Even though it really, really stinks having everyone sick all at once, it really hasn't been as bad as it usually is under these circumstances. The only annoying thing is, for some reason HF has been in bed for the last 48 hours while I've been cooking, cleaning, and tending to everyone's needs. I've even tried enlisting his help, but he is rendered helpless and unable. Did I mention that I was puking and having diarrhea too? Reminds me of this man cold video. Can I get an AMEN up in here?

It's kind of romantic being sick together. We haven't laid in bed all day alone since, well, since Daisy was born. For entertainment, we've been holding our very own "Biggest Loser" competition. After puking my guts out for 24 hours, I claimed a total weight loss of 5 pounds. HF claims a total weight loss of 10 pounds. Isn't it just so easy being a guy?

HF has some work related posts that he'll blog in the next day or two. I hope all you readers are staying well and flu free this winter.


Nicole said...

Ugh....everyonw I know has had it and they all said the same thing, that it came on really fast and was violent. I'm headed to find some wood to knock on, cuz we havent seen it in our house yet!

As far as the man cold, I'm LMAO cuz I feel ya. The wives get sick too and yet we get up and do everything. LOL, I'm sorry. Hang in there girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

:( Have you been to my house recently??? Because we have all been through it. Started with Miss O then to me but mine turned into Bronchitis. Mr Deputy has it now and right at the strike of Midnight lastnight Mr A has it. Totally BLOWS. Its sudden swift and hurts like hell. :( Mine was bad that i lost 16 pounds. Not the best way to loose weight but hell i dont mind. The Man cold is SO much worse than moms getting sick; I am still out of it yet I am the one up running errands and taking care of sick kids and Deputy butt head is whinning in bed.
Oh YES i feel your pain. I hope you all recover quickly!

Stacia said...

Yuck... so sorry you have all been sick! And the man cold video was great! They just can't handel things like we can :) Hope you are all getting better and back to yourselves!!

TM said...

Nothing that bad over here, just the common cold x2. At least you don't have to wait for it to travel around the family and it's out of the way now. Feel better soon!!

Dori said...

Boo! Spring come quickly!

We've all been sick here too. Where's that Rent-a-wife number when I need it?!

Slamdunk said...

I hope you all feel better.

A similar misery swept through our house last weekend and left no one standing. The little one with the most energy got it first and was back to normal by the time the Mrs. and I were blah. We are lucky the house is still standing he needs more supervision than we were able to provide while lying in the bathroom

Great family memories.

MONICA-LnP said...

oh gosh its funny and gross at the same time,I am sitting here with a half smile half ughhh on my face reading your post.Men ughh again,are the biggest babies when they get sick!AMEN SISTER!There is no keeping us women down,lucky for them.
Hope you all feel better soon!

Rebecca said...

Oh man sorry to hear you are so sick on the home front. It's like the third blog I've ready where folks are battling sickness. Ugg. I'll pray for you all to recover quickly. It's a good thing you have a sense of humor to take it all in. When you are done you can reward yourself with delectable sweets if you really didn't want to part with those 5 lbs. After mending the home front solo you'd deserve a sweet treat. Amen sister! You are going to make it :-)

Natalie said...

We got that bug a few weeks ago, but fortunately the hubs was on shift during the majority of our contagious period, so he never got the pukies. I guess it helps sometimes to not see them at all during shifts, right?!

The toughest part of being sick was feeling completely helpless, being pregnant, but never wanting to eat food ever again. I normally LOVE food, so that shows how severe the sick bug was!

Fortunately our violent virus only lasted for a few days total, so I hope that's the case for you.

KD said...

I'll give you an AMEN! Sheesh.

I've been under the weather this week, and my "gift" from DH was that he stayed home with the baby and the napping 3 y/o so I could go with JUST the 5 y/o to the grocery store for 35 minutes. um... yeah... I'm going to quote you, Mrs. Fuzz: "Isn't it just so easy being a guy?"