Friday, January 29, 2010

Robot birthday party

 On Tuesday we had a Robot birthday for our now 4 year old son, Luke. We started the morning with robot waffles and fruit.
For the treat bag, I made "nuts & bolts". Idea here. Mine was made up of chocolate chex cereal, honey nut cheerios, pretzel sticks, and m&ms. 
 Another snack, "Memory Cells", is made up of Pirate's Booty.
 "Machine Oil" aka cranberry juice.
  Oh, and robot bentos for lunch. This is a Wall-E sandwich and Eve egg. See on fuzz food and link to anna the red's instructions on how to build Wall-E. She does amazing work.

 The robot cupcakes which look nothing like they were supposed to. The perfectionist in me was kind of ticked about it.
 Activity: Coloring robot pictures. I just googled 'robot coloring page' and found this guy.
 Activity: building Lego robots and building robot costumes out of cardboard boxes and tinfoil.
Present received: Robot pajamas by Carter 
Present received: lift off rocket by iplay seen here.
My sister made Luke this little patchwork robot doll. I love it. I don't know if he's as thrilled about it as me though.

All in all a very successful day. He loves being 4 so far.


Rebecca said...

I LOVE the theme! You went crazy on those cupcakes!! They look amazing - almost to good to eat. I'm so going to steel your Memory Cell, Nuts & Bolts and waffle man ideas for our little guy!
I don't know why I'm just not very creative when it comes to fun foods & snacks.
Happy Birthday Luke!!!

Slamdunk said...

Happy birthday to your son and congrats on the creativity. My son went to a lego robot building party (he is 9) with a robot theme for all else, and had a super time.

Natalie said...

Love how thorough your theme was, AND with all the healthy eats! I really want to go all out for my son's 4th birthday this year since we didn't really celebrate it last year due to a family emergency (he was none the wiser). Thanks for all the cute ideas! I've been thinking of possibly a pirate theme...

Dori said...

Love it! Happy Birthday, little man!

Our kiddos have that same rocket ship it two Christmases ago and still play with it!

I'm going to have to do the robot waffles in the morning...