Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Found: the Jack Bauer Bag

image found here

HF has the Jack Bauer bag. Except, his is in black. He ordered the olive drab one, but they sent the black one instead. It actually worked out because he uses it as a patrol bag.

This is what he keeps in his Jack Bauer patrol bag:

Outer Front Pockets
Traffic light "pig tail," used for manually controlling traffic lights
Flash light cone, attaches to his flash light so he can direct traffic with it at night
Small bottle of hand sanitizer
Leatherman Multi Tool
Safety glasses
Extra flashlight

Outer Side Pockets
Nalgene bottle
4 AR-15 magazines

Large Inner Pocket
Folded orange traffic vest
CPR barrier
Hat (when he's not wearing one)
Gloves (when he's not wearing them)

Small Inner Zippered Compartment
Spare change
Fingernail clippers
Silva ranger compass
USB drives

He likes it a lot. He has a "super secret" connection to a company that sells these bags and got 2 of them for $10. He gave one of them to his partner. You can find the bags through the Amazon link on the power of bauer. I think they are anywhere from around $15 to $25. The bag is originally made by ROTHCO. It is called the Olive Drab Heavy Weight Classic Messenger bag.


Deputy's Wife said...

My hubby keeps a metric crapload of stuff in his patrol bag, too. He always pulls out the most random things that he really "needs" in there. I guess that's one thing I'll never understand. :)

April E. :) said...

That's awesome. I am half tempted to buy them as Christmas gifts for all the 24-male fans on my life!! :P

Momma Val said...

Wow! That bag looks so much smaller and stylish than the one hubby carries. Hubby has a huge black hard-sided gear bag for patrol. Which looks very serious and department (or academy) issued. All the guys have the same bag, think it's a department thing. Nice bag!