Monday, July 12, 2010

the adventures of Mrs. Fuzz

We got back yesterday from camping in a little place I'd like to call Paradise. HF is a volunteer for the search and rescue in the area and had to do a little work with another friend of ours who is also a volunteer. Both of our families went along for the trip and we enjoyed a luxirious and private camping area. We had a little river/stream going through the site, with a little bridge as you can see that leads out to many of the park's trails. HF brought a hammock for the kids and that was played with nearly the entire time. The weather was gorgeous during the day, pretty cold at night with thunderstorms. Our tent leaked a little bit. So the nighttime was pretty much the only misery, but we'll be better prepared next time. The kids were in heaven, I was in heaven, and I am wondering why we aren't doing this each and every weekend. HF only had to leave a couple of times to do work stuff. They had one emergency that they responded to, and were essentially just the base camp for other volunteers and workers so they had to have their HAM radios on and listening and responding occasionally. . I love everything about camping. Camp food, setting up camp, hiking, listening to the rushing water at nighttime, roasting marshmallows, campfires, etc.  Even though it's not very glamorous and we get dirty and smelly, I come home feeling like we've had a little R&R. The kids did not want to leave. The only mishaps other than the leaky tent, were one kid going over head first into the river, and my 20 month old throwing everyone's shoes in the river, which kept the kids and adults busy for a while running down the trail after the floating shoes. Also, the said 20 month old worked on his pitching arm and clocked a few of the kids in the face with some rocks. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

Later, our daughter presented us with this "Saftae (safety) map".
I'm glad she has a plan in place just in case. . .  (the map goes from our house to her friend Bradley's if you were wondering)
And finally, I hit somebody's car today as I pulled into a parking stall. I've never done anything like that before. I was so mortified. It just scraped the car. There were no dents or anything. I was on the phone with my brother and he was telling me my options because I kind of started freaking out. I decided to leave a note, but the guy came out of the store to get in his car as I was getting my kids out of their seats. He looked to be about 25 or so. I smiled and said hi, and told him what happened. I asked him what he would like me to do. He said over and over not to worry about it and that it wasn't a big deal. I insisted that it was. Finally, he said he really didn't want me to worry about it and that he would take care of it. I was so embarrassed, but I thanked him and went inside to do my shopping. When I came out there was a note on my windshield. This is what it said:
Dear Ma'am,

Thank you for telling me about you scraping my car. Do not worry about it. I appreciate your honesty, and showing your children a good example. I do not have children but it probably takes a lot of hard work. Keep up the hard work.

Wow. I chose the right car to scrape up, didn't I? What a nice and gracious person. We need more Jasons in this world. I probably won't see this guy again, but he really made my day.


Momma Fargo said...

Very awesome post! Loved the camping pics...beautiful. And the map is priceless...need to save that one. LOL. And where do we find Jasons out here. What a nice guy! Sounds like you had a great time...despite the scrape! Thanks for sharing! And great for HF for search and rescue...we need more people to volunteer their time.

Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Fuzz,
I too love camping! Even the dirt parts, although like you, it's the sleeping hours that seem the hardest.

I lived vicariously through this post.

And yes, what a wonderful person that Jason was! And what a great note.

Also, you. You're a stand-up lady, and that's what he saw.

Have a great week!
Ann T.

Jackie said...

Awww fantastic post! I love camping like that! I remember one time when I was kid I went camping with the girl scouts, on the last night the tent leaked so bad there was a river running through it! So A little although not fun is doable :)!

Also awww we totally need more Jason's in the world! He sounds like a very sweet guy! and being so mellow about the scrape!


Sister Copinherhair said...

I think that Jason deserves an FOP sticker. ;)

Pam Landy said...

That camping trip sounds like too much fun - especially with a gang of kids who are making the most of it:)

@Jackie: it does kind of remind me of Girl Scout camp! Did you guys sing the Biffy song? A classic for the ages, that one.

And geez, that Jason guy. Doing his part to keep good karma flowing. :)

Dori said...

Guess I'm the only cynic in the first thought was a 25 yo? No insurance, possible suspended license...No, no...that's fine, Ma'am...don't worry about need for paperwork or for anyone else to get involved...have a nice day!

Regardless--his note was a sweet touch!

Glad you guys were able to take some time off and go have fun in the woods!

The crazy Shaw Family said...

Yeah for camping! we are going this weekend with a bunch of Cub Scout families. (should be interesting)

As for the young man that left you that note, I would have to say Bravo to him, and his mama for raising him right!

Momma Hen said...

I love the map your daughter drew. Had me rolling. Kids are so funny, aren't they?
And for Jason - yeah him. What a great guy.
So glad you got to rest and relax. Well deserved, I'm sure.

TM said...

Ahhh camping...looks like it was an absolute fun time! (minus the leaks) Can't wait to get back out there camping myself.
I'm with Dori on this one about the no insurance, but the note does give him some bonus points! I wouldn't have minded running into him.

Christopher said...

Great camping pics. I especially love the feet shot- classic. And that map sounds just like something my 7 year old would do.

Awesome to know there are people out there like Jason. Unless he left his phone number on the note, in which case I suspect a whole different motive... then again, he did call you ma'am :)

mrs. fuzz said...

Gosh Dori and TM- you guys are so negative! :) I see what you mean. But I'm confident he was just a good guy. . .

Christopher- The first thing I thought when I read ma'am on his note was, "Ma'am? I'm maybe 5 years older than you! I'm not a ma'am!" But that's just good manners I guess. . . Or maybe you become a ma'am when you have kids?

Anyway, I enjoyed your guest post over at Raindog's. It sounds like you guys don't have nearly enough to do at work. ;)