Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sovereign Citizens and Law Enforcement

HF's Lt. sent this video to the officers as part of shift briefing. I thought this would be good information for those of you not familiar with the sovereign citizens movement. It was hard for me to watch. I'm a sensie and I don't like to think about these things regardless of HF being a cop or not. Wish I could cover my ears and sing, "LA! LA! LA!" Please stay safe out there wherever you are!


Ernie Reiss said...

Hello, I just found your blog. I have been a police officer for over 20 years and started a blog about a year ago. I will continue to follow you as you pass through the "adventures" of being a police officer's wife. I hope you will always support your husband; God knows there will be times he will need it.

Anonymous said...

I had an encounter with the "milita" many years ago while I was pregnant with my first child. I was on a lonely wooded road when out popped a man in camouflage and face paint carrying some type of weapon. I debated about what to do but I ended up just going quietly by, not wanting to get noticed by them. They scared me to pieces.

My husband said they weren't the military. Those creepy people are everywhere.

Very sad and chilling video by the way, something every officer could learn from.

Be safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

We were shown this video at the PD as well. Very moving and scary. The Wild West is a haven for these sorts. We have several that are being very active right now. We have been on high alert for several weeks. They have been showing their tail feathers. Makes us all on edge.

Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Fuzz,
What a chilling video. I think it's worth noting that we have "fashions" in what we call terrorism too. These kind fell out of interest after 9-11; some even said they were gone. But not so. We all have to pay attention to everything.

Thanks for posting. What a wake-up call.

Very truly yours,
Ann T.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that there are many that pay into taxes, benefit the community, abide by "Common Law" and want to cause harm to no-one's person or property, all the while believing that they are sovereign.

Hunters of Sheepdogs? The fact is that if those two officers had minded their own business, they would still be alive.

At what point, on one's native land of birth, does that individual swear to abide by the rules that others have already decided for them?

You have no authority, and even if you did, it most certainly would not supercede that of any Creator or nature.

Unless an individual is harming someone directly or their property (which are rules that most rational people would agree on), the government and "law enforcement" as it stands is going to meet even more of these scenarios.

Terrorists? No more than the people that founded this country were when thrust into opposition with the Crown (the governing body at the time).

I train with many leo's in the course of Martial Arts as well as other areas, and I will tell you plainly, that I admire your courage and what you individually put on the line for that which you believe. I will also tell you plainly that while I would have you in my home to eat as a friend, your badge and the imposition of your percieved authority puts both sides at risk. You believe in your heart of hearts that you have the right to pull people over for whatever reason and waste their time (you do - we can all be honest here, I have many of you as friends), and the other side believes in their core that no-one save the Creator-God-Nature has the right to impinge on even the tiniest of their freedoms so long as they are harming no-one else. After all, name one among you that actually created any of the land that the roads stand upon?

People on either side will believe this often times to the death. There are no wolves or sheep dogs as some at times like to portray themselves. That is solely arrogance feeding one's ego.

I hope that we can all live in peace. That would be best.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend got me to watch this video too (they were told to watch it in his recruit class). It is terrifying, but real. I, too, had a hard time watching it :(