Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Overheard on Christmas Day

Luke, who is four, received his first Nerf gun from Santa this year. He quickly learned how to load it all by himself and rack the slide. We are now all immune to the slight sting of a suction dart smacking us somewhere on our bodies. After the morning festivities, HF was just out of the shower wearing a towel. He was confronted by Luke, wielding a nerf gun.

HF:  Don't do it man. If you shoot me, I'll shoot you back!

Luke:  (face going from a giant grin to concern) With your real gun?

HF:  (laughing and then serious) Uh, no. Not with my real gun. With the other nerf gun you got. (He got two).

Luke:  (smile returning) Oh! Okay!

Only in an LEO household would we find this hilarious. We of course clarified when and how daddy's gun would be used, and then simply let it go.

Also, that robot claw seen in the above picture? Luke put it to use immediately as "Reggie the Wedgie Robot" and began chasing us around the house in an attempt to give us wedgies. That little toy has quite a grip! We sort of hoped that he would just use it to pick up his toys or something. Four year old boys are fun. And HF says he and I are the most alike. . .

In other news, I may have picked up a bad habit or two from my mother-in-law's visit. Slapping HF across the shoulder or chest when he's being a pest. We even did it at the same time while he was sandwiched between us on the couch, me slapping one shoulder, and she the other. I'm going to miss that lady.


Community RN said...

ha! a light smack every now and then keeps men in their place :)! It's good for him!... Really!!


Lala said...

I was getting my daughter ready for school this morning when she says "Mami I tried to arrest papi with my handcuffs and take him to jail but he tried to taser me". Now I know many would not find this funny but I was on the floor at the thought of her telling this story to her teacher. Just then my husband walks in from his shift wondering what all the laughter was about.

Pam Landy said...

You are amazing. Love the post-Xmas hijinks and the excellent MILs. JB's mom buttonholed JB, myself, my mom, and my dad in individual conversations to let us know that she was surprised at the lack of a ring presented on bended knee. I guess JB gave her the evil eye, while everyone else thought it was pretty funny. :)

Handcuffed Heart said...


Simply Complicated said...

We had this EXACT conversation in our house Christmas day (yes - 2 nerf guns were presented to Allie as well). Should have gotten 3, we have quite a bit of fun and giggles :-)