Thursday, March 17, 2011

Southland and a new poll

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So I just finished watching the season finale of Southland (season 3). To sum up: AWESOME. I just love this show for so many reasons. From what I hear, it's very realistic as far as cop dramas go. I also love the relationships between the various partners. I am pretty upset that Detective Moretta was killed off. That bothered me for a few days actually. I thought that he was great and that there were a lot of interesting untold stories from his character, one of them being his teenaged daughter that we thought was his sister, etc. Oh well. Furthermore, Kevin Alejandro who plays Det. Moretta, was also in Ugly Betty as Santos, and he was killed off in that show too! What's the deal with that? Anyway, I don't follow too many cop shows these days, but I have really loved watching Southland. Any thoughts on this show? Anyone else glad that Season 3 featured less Tammy, the most annoying police wife in history???

Now for the new poll. I have to admit, the last poll was pretty lame. I don't think anyone really knew any of the cop duos, and the obvious win was Mulder and Scully from X-Files. I deleted the results before posting the results, but they won by a landslide. Sorry to those of you looking for pecentages. I have two more brackets to go before we put all the finalists together in one ultimate vote. I'm running out of cop duos. So if you want, look at the past polls and see if there's anyone you would like to see on a poll that we haven't already mentioned. Remember, this is important now! See all previous polls here.

Poll: Best TV/Movie Cop Duo (bracket V)
In your opinion, which is the best TV/Movie Cop Duo out of the following 6:
1.  Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske) & Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar) in Super Troopers
2.  Andy Griffith & Barney Fife in The Andy Griffith Show
3.  White (Russell Crowe) & Exley (Guy Pearce) in LA Confidential
4.  Bosco & Sully in Third Watch
5.  Slater (Bill Hader) & Michaels (Seth Rogen) in Superbad
6.  The Lone Ranger & Tanto in The Lone Ranger

As usual, I will put the poll in the top right of the sidebar. Happy voting!

Bracket Winners so far:
1.  Turner & Hooch
2.  Riggs & Murtaugh (Lethal Weapon)
3.  Baker & Ponch (CHiPs)
4.  Mulder & Scully (X-Files)


Mr. Police Man said...

I too think Southland is the best hands down police show on now and I'd even say, ever. Most of the tactics are good, the boot mentality in So. Cal is right on with the obvious TV swing.

I'm glad less Tammy and wish there was less Lydia Adams. I know of no homicide Det. that is that much drama.

Meadowlark said...

Watched one episode and was disgusted by the "above the law" mentality of the cop. Although I don't know if he was a "regular" or the obligatory "bad cop".

For a small (110+) dept in a small (100k) community, where the pay is exceptional and there are no partners, it's not very realistic.

It vaguely reminded me of my time in the reserves for a dept in the south. Corrupt, "good old boy" and without leadership. I suppose we should try it again, since there's such glowing accolades.

John Rambo's Wife said...

Say what?? Third season? Are you kidding? We watched the first one and were waiting for the second season and never saw it come on. I love that show. I guess we will ahve to look it up online.

Mr. Police Man said...

John's Wife - It moved to TNT. And Meadowlark, there are some good ole' boy things the show showed, which is right on for how a large department can be. Plus its interesting how the boot and the senior officers had to deal with those problems... Its shows the dilemas of each circumstance. The only true mess up is when the Det was killed. I've been to "Grape St." and the "Jungle" (Same place as in the Training Day movie) and cops don't get out of their cars unless they are rolling deep with backup.

Rebecca said...

not a big fan of Southland, The Mr. and I like Blue Blood best. going to vote on your poll. Cool idea.