Thursday, April 7, 2011

gettin' er done

I love this poster by Mary Kate McDevitt

Plan baptism for this weekend. . check 
Prepare bedding for a million people in our home. . check
Plan lunch for said million people. . check
Meet with realtor, place bid on short sale. . check! (that's right, we did)
Wash Dr. Seuss-esque pile of dishes in kitchen that can only be washed by hand. . check
Clean vomit off of floor. . check
Wonder why it still smells like vomit even though carpet was cleaned and discover that child also threw up all over the back of her bedroom door, and inside of a purse. An empty purse luckily. Clean that up too. . check!

Get my hair did. . to do
Find coupon for much needed haircut and color. It is around her somewhere. . to do
Try for the third time to get the boys' haircuts. . to do
Freak out at HF for leaving his swat gear in my car (story of what happened to come). . to do
Email baptism details to clergy member. .to do
Make a really tasty recipe with all that swiss chard in my fridge. . to do
Stop buying Easter candy. . to do
Write requested letter to friend Shauntel. . to do
Get my daughter to finish her homework within 30-45 minutes instead of taking until bedtime! . . to do
Menu plan and go grocery shopping. . to do
Take books and movies back to library and pay million dollar late fees. . to do
Plan a little "thing" for HF's 2 year anniversary on the force. . to do
Plan our 9 year anniversary "date". . to do
Budget and have budget meeting with HF. . to do
Start exercising again! Along the same lines, go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. . to do
Blog. . to do

As you can see, my to do list is MUCH longer than my checked off list. But sometimes life is just like that. What can you do. I haven't been chatty much lately, but I'm reading blogs when I get the chance. Hope all is well with everyone and that you are getting a nice spring and not more snow like we are! Seriously. It's killing this California girl.


Genesis said...

I hear your crazy life! I'm just checking in on blogs this morning after quite awhile...phew! Life gets away from us sometimes. :)

Pam Landy said...


JK but for serial, I missed you!! Though with that lineup, sounds like you've had more than a few good reasons. Yish.

May I suggest the Giant Donut Cake for HF's anniversary?

KimTheNole said...

Be sure to take some time for yourself! I'm sure you deserve it. :-) Congrats to you and HF for 9 years, and congrats to HF for 2 years on the force!

Rebecca said...

he he my lists only contain items I know I can actually accomplish in a week. The rest of my to do list rattles around my brain until it makes it's way to paper and pen. Love how life is just like that. But I relish the feeling of drawing a line through stuff. Hey I think being a mom is accomplishment enough at the end of the day.

Jenney said...

Hang in there!!!!!

RookieLibrarian said...

Holy Big Bird! I know the feeling. I also love adding "write a to do list" on my "to do list." Best of luck!! I'm glad both of our cop hubbies love what they do. :)

Handcuffed Heart said...

Hi friend. Thanks for the update. Miss you. xoxo

@Pam ~ Isn't supposed to be "JK but for cereal I missed you"


Pam Landy said...

@HH: The way I always saw it spelled was "for serial," but fortunately for both of us, it's slang! ;)