Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fuzz Family Update

I started this police wife blog almost 7 years ago. Our baby was just a couple of months old, and our two other littles were just 3 and 6. HF was finishing up in the police academy, and we were living in a townhouse in the middle of the city HF works in. We felt like we were just surviving. Trying to make it another day. It was crazy.

Fast forward a few years later. It's still crazy. But in a different way. Our baby is almost 7. Daisy and Luke are 12 and 9. HF has been a police officer and now SWAT for over 6 years now. I started working. We bought our first house in a suburb of the city HF works for, and we are surviving. I would even venture to say that we are thriving. 

HF loves his commute. It gives him time to decompress and clear his head before he gets home. Our neighborhood is safe and quiet, and the kids can walk to school. We love being in our own home away from the city. We notice a difference in our stress, our attitudes, and honestly, we feel a little more grownup. 

Over the last couple of years my absence could best be explained by just plain old life. As my kids get older they have more activities. I am able to work again with the kids in school full time. We began looking for a home. I became more involved in our community and church. I also became more involved with our state's police wife groups. All in all, life's balancing act is just that. A balancing act. Getting organized, taking care of our needs, then figuring out what's most important and prioritizing as such. 

Although my police wife blogging took a back burner, police wife, or family life has continued. The hours upon hours of working, the side jobs (all so he can bring home a decent wage). Don't forget overtime and training. Occasional worry about HF when he goes to work. Lying awake some nights with worry. I plan with other police wives how to improve public perception. We think of ways to enhance the lives of our LEOs. We don't broadcast our "police-ness" for safety reasons, and we talk to the kids a lot about how to be safe and what they should and shouldn't say or talk about in public. It's ridiculous. But important. 

Gone are the days of everything feeling brand new or uncertain. Heightened awareness still, yes. That will never change, but now it's natural. A part of him. A part of us. We move about our day like anyone else, but there is that sense of what sets us apart that embodies our minds and our hearts. With all its challenges, faults, as well as its merits, it still feels like this is what we were meant to do and we feel that honor and that pride that only those in the know can speak of, however openly or secretly it has to be.

I am back to blogging. Talking about all things police related. It's good to be back.


SCW Stella said...

Well...welcome back. I have been trying to find more time myself in my constantly changing world...I think about blogging far more than I actually sit and post anything, so I get it.
It's both nice and strange to see that we've both been on this journey for some time now.
As always, I wish you all the best!
SCW Stella

Handcuffed Heart said...

This is such great news! I can't believe you started working, that's awesome. And a house. I recall more than one conversation about that little dream (of both of ours). :) Congratulations!