Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stinky Body Armor: another possible solution

If you are like me, a great deal of time is spent trying to get the STANK out of under armor shirts and ballistic vests. I have researched online, talked to other wives and officers, and I think I have heard just about it all. Febreeze, Odoban, washing in vinegar and baking soda and then air drying, etc. I think we have even discussed it on here before with many of you commenting about what methods you use to take care of the nasty odor. I found temporary success with a few of these methods, but it is never what I hope for.

Enter SECRET. You know, "Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman"? Yes, that SECRET. HF was in the locker room and an officer was rubbing Secret all over his torso and back. Basically all around his middle area. HF was like, "What are you doing?!" He tells HF that a firefighter friend told him about it. And it prevents your armor and under armor from stinking. And the scent releases into the armor and that's all it smells like. He also said he hadn't cleaned it in 3 months. HF took a sniff and said it smelled nice! So there you have it. Secret deodorant for women. SO FAR SO GOOD.
Also, do any of you use a Cool Cop? I've heard that also helps with the stink because it's helping with the sweat. Would you recommend it? Can it be easily removed in an emergency situation? And can you jimmy rig one yourself with a few cheap parts?

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KD said...

This CRACKS me up. Love ya!