Monday, July 17, 2017


This is a text between HF and I last night. He was a couple of hours late from his shift and I asked, "where are you?" to check up on him. When I got his response, I looked at our recent conversation and saw so much more in between the lines.

First, he didn't take any food with him to work and was hungry. Sometimes when he forgets, we might meet him somewhere to eat, or drop off dinner. Sometimes he hits a drive thru. Next, it is pretty typical of my guy to give me some kind of a compliment that knocks me off of my feet. He had only mentioned similar sentiments before leaving for work earlier that day as well. I would say that is a great way to part! Last, the "I can't go to sleep until I know where you are" text. If he hadn't answered I probably wouldn't be too worried. I am a seasoned police wife after all, you know... His response was that he had a DV. For those not in the know, that stands for domestic violence. I don't know any details other than that, but there you have a glimpse into one of the many things an officer deals with on any given day. I am sad for the people involved in the DV. People are hurting and doing the hurting. I am sure HF acted professionally and compassionately dealing with the situation. I am glad my man is home safe.

I have to admit sometimes that I look through our past texts when I am missing him. Sometimes the thought crosses my mind that if something were to happen, I have these conversations via text that sum up our love and care for each other that I would cherish always.

Now if only I could just go to bed at a reasonable hour and not mimic his shift waiting for him to get home...


Anonymous said...

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