Thursday, November 5, 2009


How you can tell your 6 year old has been talking to her New York Italian Grandma a little too much. Her knock knock jokes turn into this:

Daisy: Knock Knock

HF: Who's there?

Daisy: Fuhgeddaboutit!

HF: Uh. . . Fuhgeddaboutit who?

Daisy: Just Fuhgeddaboutit.


LOUD&PROUD ♥MoNeeKa♥ said...

too cute!

mrsofficer said...

hahaha my hubs partner is a 6ft 3 265 lb italian ex linebacker! He cracks me up when he talks.I love it")

Momma Val said...

Ha! Now if she has an attitude next time you tell her she's funny ("Funny, like how?") Then you need to worry. JK!

copswife said...

That's hilarious. Does grandma really say that?

mrs. fuzz said...

Yes, Grandma really talks that way. She's the over the top stereotype for sure.

Dispatcher X said...

Totally adorable!