Tuesday, February 10, 2009

do you have a mustache?

Please take this poll located to the right hand side of my blog. I am asking cops, "Do you have a mustache?" If you are a police wife or girlfriend, you can still take this poll on their behalf.

It seems like the majority of cops I see have mustaches.



MeadowLark said...

20 some years of marriage and no mustache. This year? mustache.

I hate it. UGH. Who knows why... he said he wanted to do something different and there was no way he'd grow his hair long! :)

Dori said...

The husband can't grow facial hair--a Native American thing. Oddly enough, very few of the guys around here have mustaches. But, yeah, what is it with law enforcement and mustaches? It was a big deal in the EOD/diver community in the Navy as well.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I can't think of any cops I know with mustaches. Granted, there's only a handful of cops in the agencies I am famaliar with. It must be something in the water where you live.

Berserk said...

A lot of the guys at work gave mustaches, although I'd still put them in the minority (barely).

I, on the other hand, couldn't grow a decent mustache (or beard) if I had to. It takes me about a week to even properly execute the scruffy look. :)

Kimber said...

My husband had the nastiest facial hair this fall. The guys at the office here have a contest every fall for who can grow the furriest, nastiest facial hair and my guy really won it. He blogged pics of it and it was just awful!

I prefer a clean shaven cop myself.

(Thanks for the comment on my police wife blog, btw!)