Tuesday, February 10, 2009

just some thoughts on our busy life right now

Poor Hot Fuzz. He was so beat up last night when he got home. He said that they did one hour of PT and 3 hours of ground fighting. He said he definitely prefers doing the Arrest control and Defensive Tactics over ground fighting. During those three hours he was smashed, grabbed, rolled, and kicked in the crotch. It's so sad seeing him like this. Instead of coming home and being able to rest, he has to go straight to working graves. When he gets home he goes to bed and wakes up 7-8 hours later and does it all over again. I really feel for him. But he's lost some inches and his muscles are bigger. He looks good, except for the dark circles under his eyes. When we do get to see him, he's great about playing with the kids. He's been showing our 6 year old, Daisy, some Aikido moves that she can use if she's in stranger danger. A few days ago I heard her in the living room playing with Luke, saying things like, "Good job Luke!". When I asked her what she was doing, she said she was practicing her "taquito" moves and teaching Luke taquito as well. So cute. Now she stutters when saying Aikido because she's trying so hard not to say taquito.

On my end, I feel like a single mom except I'm not also working outside the home. I really have to give kudos to single parents out there that are working and caring for their children simultaneously. It wouldn't be so hard if there wasn't a tiny 3 month old in the picture because I'm up so much in the night with him, and not able to nap during the day when caring for Daisy and Luke, who no longer nap. Some days are great and I feel on top of things. I get HF's uniforms washed and dried, meals planned, there aren't any major messes, but after a few nights of being sleep-deprived, I feel a bit more like this during the day:

Jack Nicholson in the Shining incase you weren't sure.

It also might have something to do with all the snow everywhere too. I'm a born and raised California girl and I don't know what to do in this weather, even after 8 years of living here! So I basically hybernate until Spring, thus the Shining.

This is a typical day for me.

7 am-feed the baby
7:30-run on treadmill, HF gives kids breakfast
8 am- shower, get ready for day, HF takes Daisy to school
8:30-HF goes to bed
9 am-I play with Luke, do a load of laundry
10 - more laundry, cleanup kitchen, feed baby
11- pick up Daisy from school
12 pm-errands/activities with the kids
1 pm-time to feed baby again
2 pm- more cleaning/office work for me while kids play
3 pm-get HF's food for the day ready
4 pm- make dinner/feed baby/feed kids/HF gets up
5 pm- bath time for kids
6 pm- story time/play time/cuddle time/getting clothes out for next day
7 pm- bed time for Luke/feed baby/homework and reading with Daisy
8 pm- all kids in bed/ free time for me

I have all these projects once the kids are in bed, but I usually take a few minutes to enjoy being kidless by watching a show on tv or getting online, then I make dinner for me and Hot Fuzz before he has to leave for work. Then I feed the baby again around 11 pm and then wake up sitting up or slumped over and shuffle off to bed just to get up a few times through the night.

TIRED. But we're doing pretty good. We've had lots of visits from friends and family lately. And we've even been able to get a babysitter and go out on Saturday nights when HF is home! I'd say we're pretty lucky despite it all. Now if I could only get to the dentist, the hair salon, and the optometrist. And it would be nice to buy some clothes that are not maternity clothes. I'm not willing to take all 3 kids to these places.


Berserk said...

You reminded me of a time when I found my sons practicing "police stuff" on each other. This was back when I was in the academy, and after I had just showed my wife some of my new moves. The little guys were actually doing pretty good for having only seen the technique a couple of times...

I'm gonna have to disagree with your husband, though. As much as I love arrest control (and I do- I sign up for my department's 40 hour arrest control instructor school every year), I'm one of those psychos who actually enjoys the groundfighting classes.

Slamdunk said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job juggling many hats.

Good work especially with working in a run--I gave that up when the twins were born and the increased family responsibilities. Looking forward to starting it up again some day...

Momma Val said...

I'm just guessing here that you are breastfeeding? The schedule sounds like a breastmilk diet. Best thing but so much more work for us moms huh? Your schedule sounds very FULL. Keep up the great job :)

MotorCop said...

Hey...no need to post this, but I thought you might be interested. There's a book called "I love a cop", by Ellen Kirschman, that a couple police wives I know have found helpful (including mine).

You can search for it on Amazon.com, if you like...have a good one.


Dori said...

My mom stayed with us for pretty much the entire month after our daughter was born. I really don't think I/we would have survived other wise--the most help she provided was looking after my then 2-year-old son! And letting me nap!

The days are chaos--but there's that glowing light at the end with your husband's graduation! Then, hopefully, he'll go down to just the one job?! I can't believe he's working AND going to the academy! At least you guys get time together in the evenings--SO VERY IMPORTANT!