Sunday, March 1, 2009

poll results

Thanks for taking my poll. I was asking cops, "Do you have a mustache?" These are the results.

YES 6 (31%)
NO 13 (68%)
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in the poll results. I was hoping for a lot more mustaches. Oh well. What can you do? Obviously this is on a very small scale, but I still believe that most cops have mustaches. In fact, did you know that there is an American Mustache Institute? It's a pretty funny website. If you scroll down on their site, they have a little box called "The 7 Spot: The Top Professions for Mustached Men", and Police Officer holds the #1 spot. It seems to be another one of those cop cliches along with donuts.

And speaking of mustaches and donuts, I forgot to mention one of the games we will be playing at HF's graduation party. Pin the mustache on the cop. It may or may not be one of the games intended just for kids. Now I just need to find a photo or a drawing of a cop that I can enlarge. I think I might do one of Mr. Fuzz.


Anonymous said...

Maybe mustaches are more common where you live. Now that you mention it, I can actually think of a couple cops with 'staches. But it's totally the minority around here.

Berserk said...

With great mustache comes great responsibility!

MeadowLark said...

Sorry, I am temporarily hijacking your comments.

FRIENDLY FLATFOOT... your blog is private! Is there any chance you'd let me in? Let me know.

firefighter / paramedic said...

found your blog through smooth operator and happy medic. I am still laughing about the cj stories. keep up the good bloggin and I will check back as often as I can.

Momma Val said...

Maybe it's geography too? My husband has an entire PD photo from last summer and it is a pretty good size PD. There are a few mustaches but compared to the total amount of officers not many at all. Detectives seem to have mustaches. The young guys do not have the mustaches at all but they have extremely short hair where you can see all their shiny scalps. Not of fan of the millimeter length hair when you see shiny skin. Maybe I will make that a poll for my blog? lol Next poll you need s for what police wives have the mustaches, ha! JK!

MeadowLark said...

Momma Val, re: wives/mustaches - I am SOOOO not laughing. ;)

But yeah, perhaps it is geographic... I think maybe mustaches are far more common back east?

Momma Val said...

Sorry Meadowlark, I just had to say that cause I laugh at my own fuzzy lip. Not so long but it definitely gets darker in the winter. Ha! I refuse to mess with it except bleach because don't want to make it worse. Anyway, sorry for hijacking but no offense about female facial hair(s) :)

5150Wife said...

Hmmm, yep, must be a geography thing. I don't know any LEO's who have moustaches. In fact, all the agencies I'm aware of have regulations against facial hair.

5150Wife said...

Wait! I've got it!

You should go online and purchase some of the targets that he really uses at the academy. I've purchased them here, which is the same company my hubby's PD uses:

What you do it use one of those REAL targets for the pin the moustache on the cop game (or make it a pin the moustache on the bad guy game or use a can of Silly String instead and make it the "Don't Tase Me Bro!" game).

Then give the remainder of the pad of paper targets to your hubby as a graduation gift. He's going to need them anyway for future target practice. So it would be a fun AND practical gift. :-)

5150Wife said...

Of course, my idea only works if his academy uses PHOTO targets (where the target is a real photo of a person).

Here's one of the ones my hubby's dept uses. They call her "The Bitch".

Ok, I'm done now. I think I've beat this post into submission. LOL