Tuesday, April 28, 2009


9 days until graduation. He finished his last class on Friday. He's been home studying, working out, and FTO got pushed to tonight! He was going to start last Friday, but his uniform and armor was not here. I watched him get ready tonight. He was nervous. I don't feel nervous. Maybe it's that whole, when one person is freaking out the other person is calm thing, but I don't feel nervous at all. I feel confident and excited. I also feel like FINALLY we are getting somewhere. HF has taken the long route to get here, but it paid off.

He brought home one of his badges today. I had no idea it was some serious bling bling. I was tempted for a second, just for a second, to send it in to that cash for gold place that's on tv late at night. They gave him a leather holder thingie that hooks onto his belt (I don't know my gear, so for now, most things will be called a thingie or a doodad until taught otherwise). Right now his schedule is 10 pm to 6 am. He had his official background investigation interview. He's already had this done since he's worked for the department for several years, but he had a good interview. They want to talk to me too and meet the family. I hope I can make him look good. I threatened him jokingly that this was all in my control now and that I could make him or break him. He didn't seem concerned. I did think it was funny though that for one of his places of employment before we were married, he had to list me as his boss. Oh the good ole days.

I'm not sure how much I'll be around until after the graduation. I am super busy making our place look nice for company, planning out the remainder of the party, and finishing all the little details. Tomorrow I have to see about the food. There's a "famous" hot dog stand here that has the best hot dogs and it's near the police department. The cops go here a lot and this is also HF's favorite place to eat. I think instead of barbequing, I'm going to get these hot dogs catered. HF will die. We might get some party crashers if we do this however. They have a secret sauce that they serve on all their hot dogs and it's to die for. And I'm not a hot dog eater. But these are good!

With all these days off HF has had, I thought we would be playing it up, but he has been crashing. Sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping. When he does get up, he's got so much other stuff he has to work on, then he'll wrestle the kids a bit, practice some arrest control on them for fun, and then study. Once in a while I try to keep him on his toes and surprise him like CATO on The Pink Panther. I even tried to flip him over my back, but without much force or change in face expression, he brought me to my knees with a little twist of my wrist. Can't say I didn't try. He got his haircut today, high and tight, and I think I'll take our little 3 year old in for an identical cut. I'm kind of bummed that they aren't allowing little kids to the ceremony. I think HF feels bad that his parents aren't coming, but that has to do with the major drama I said I would tell you all about. Soon. Soon. I gotta go clean the kitchen now. It's a pig sty. I made these and these. We've been making some seriously tasty fatty stuff lately, so now it's back to the vegetables. Vegetables Shmedgtables.


The crazy Shaw Family said...

Good times! I can't believe mine has been out for a little over a year now! His first week off FTO I had a massive panic attak, because U realized he was now in complete control, and on his own! But I know he is trained for it, and has been doing a great job, just the way your honey is and will!
Congrats, and don't let the drama get you down!

Helen said...

We both crashed after the academy. We actually came home from graduation and slept for about 3 hours and missed a party that one of the guys was having. :)

Have fun with the party. I'm sure it'll be a great time!!

Meadowlark said...

How exciting for you guys!!!

For some reason neither of his two departments ever interviewed me. :( I think the first one was because I was a Marine I later learned that the second time it was because I used to drive out to watch his SWAT training and was so excited by the whole thing they just didn't think I didn't have any concerns about his safety. Which I don't. :)

Hope things settle down soon.

Slamdunk said...

Wow, you were his boss previously? That should be good for a week or so worth of funny blog posts.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh girl... that time was so exciting for us, but I understand the boat you are in with the sleeping and nerves. I was remarkably calm throughout the graduation too! Maybe it's a woman thing?

Hubs says that's the best shift, lots of stories and high action cops and robber play during those hours. At least in Dallas.
Have a great one...

Dori said...

We were Mids (9-7) for six years! At first it wasn't such a big deal--then I started having babies and it became a really big deal! The flip side was that on his nights off he took over the night feedings and I got to sleep. He has very special memories of those wee morning hours with his children.

I didn't get interviewed on the initial hire. But someone came and chatted with me before he joined EOD--and then sat and answered MY questions!

Oh, and cop bling?! These guys here were all given full color badges to commemorate the department's 75th anniversary! A fair bit of wasted money if you ask me!

Yea for being almost done!

kd said...

I laughed so hard about the cash for gold comment. Thank you. :)

I'm not sure if I can also say "thanks" for mentioning those two recipes, I'm salivating and dying all at the same time as I look at the recipes & accompanying pictures.

Natalie said...

I know what you mean by the bling! My (nearly) one year old daughter LOVES her daddy's bling and reaches for it as soon as she sees him!

I also way impressed with all that you're doing for his graduation. Because his academy was a 4 hour drive from home, we just went to the Cheesecake Factory afterwards (YUM!) so I didn't have any of the stress of a party! Your pictures look absolutely delicious. I may need to make them.