Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FTO= First Time Out

He did it. He came home. I wasn't worried at all last night, but then 6 am came and went. Then 7. Finally, almost at 8 am he came walking through the door. I just had to shake my head. Of course, 2 hours after his shift is supposed to end he comes home, and I also realized that he won't always be able to call or send a text message to say how long he'll be or that he is running late. This has happened as a dispatcher, and with a security job he had previously. But this felt different. My mind thought of the possibilities. "He's writing a report, he's talking with other officers, he's dealing with an incident, OMG he's hurt! He's at the hospital!" In actuality, he was at the station until 7 am, and then one of his academy buddies called him to come over on his way home. I mentioned that that could've been a good time to send a quick little text so that I wouldn't worry. He just smiled at me. I smiled back.

Here's something I recorded last night: It's almost 1:30 in the morning, and I'm not asleep yet. I've been hoping to hear from HF. I finally got a text that said, "I love being a cop!" He said he got to assist on a traffic stop where the driver got out of the car. He noticed the driver getting upset, throwing his arm out the window and going, "COMEON!" Then the driver got out. I asked him what he did. He said he blinded the driver with his light while his FTO shouted orders to the driver. He said that he stood in the driver's blind spot on the passenger side and shined the flashlight in his mirrors so that it blinded the driver. His FTO left him there by himself and he said that he had to pee really bad and that he naturally wanted to look over at what his FTO and another officer were doing, but he kept his eye on the driver. He loved it.

So there you have it. His first.

And I can't stop smiling.

I wonder if it's like other firsts. Tying your shoes for the first time. Riding a bike. Getting your drivers license, etc. I'm happy for him. He'll still have to pay his dues, but he is well liked and respected by the others, they've known him for a long time and have been wanting him to become a cop for a long time, so this isn't just a special time for HF. It's meaningful to many in the department. He has a unique situation here. Many of them will be at his graduation. We feel blessed in our situation.

Tomorrow. FINAL written and physical exams.
Friday. Sworn in. (I hope I can go to that?)


Meadowlark said...

Why wouldn't you be able to go? Childcare? I hope that's not the case. Although 15 years in you'll say "swearing in? wasn't that that one thing with all those people?" But it's still worth going to.

PS. At the swearing in, if the Chief of Police makes a mistake in referring to your husband - for example, calls him an ex-Marine rather than Former Marine - do NOT speak up and correct him.

Just a little tidbit I picked up, um... somewhere. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you must go if possible! It's the most amazing thing, seeing all those men get their big shiny badges and chanting together with their hands raised.
Great luck!

Lisa E said...

Oh, absolutely GO! It's an awesome experience to share such a proud moment with him and his fellow officers. And meeting other wives is encouraging, as well.

And the late nights without notification gets easier, too. Hubby and I are at the point where if he's over 2 hours late and I haven't heard anything, then I'll give him a call. But I don't even think about worrying until then.

Congrats again!

Kimber said...

I am just so thrilled for you both! I remember when my guy did his first set of nights. He was in love. Then there was a double homicide on day 10 and he was 2nd on scene and that was kind of a shock... but still...

Librarian-In-Training said...

How awesome for him and for you!!! I cannot believe how fast the Academy goes by. Doesn't it seem like they started yesterday??

I know how you feel right now. I have seen my CopHubby so unhappy with previous jobs and he didn't get pepper sprayed in those jobs. ;) While I know that there will be days that both our hubbies will not be thrilled about what they deal with, I am so glad that they are both happy. :)

2 weeks from today for us! Good luck and have a super party!!! You both deserve it! I still have lots to do! :)

kd said...

I'm all interested in why you might not be able to go, too. It was a really really meaningful thing for me to attend, since I really felt like *I* graduated too... as SOs of those in academy we do our own kind of "time"!!

mrs. fuzz said...

Oh I'll be going to his graduation for sure. This Friday he's being sworn in by himself with his chief and a couple of other officers and they haven't given us any details. HF is talking like they will rush him to the courthouse and be in and out, but I'm telling him that that is something I will want to see and that he needs to find out about it for me. I don't know how they do it other places, but here they don't swear the cadets in at the graduation. Because not everyone will have jobs. Something like that I think.

Anonymous said...

1. sweearing in. My husband's was just like that - you are in you raise your hand, you are done. I didn't get to go but I wish I had insisted. It wouldn't have been a problem but he didn't want to rock the boat by asking.

2. I'm so with you on the, please just text me, thing. After 2 years cophusband and I are finally working that one out. It is so frustrating and scary to worry and worry like that - and then to find out he was just BSing and could have called at any time? Hurtful. I'm working on not being shrill and worrying less and he is better about calling or texting. You guys will work it out.

Tell him 'grats from us!

kd said...

Ah, now I understand! I was confused because DH couldn't be sworn in until he had actually graduated... I thought you were having graduation first and then the swearing in but I of course may be confused on the schedule of your life. ;)

I also went to the swearing in, and of course, also recommend that. Not as huge a deal with "pomp and circumstance" of graduation (a quick in and out as has been mentioned) but still was very meaningful for me. I hope it works out!! :)

Slamdunk said...

Congrats to HF and the rest of your family for surviving night one.

Momma Val said...

We have a standing rule that cop dad ALWAYS call and leave a message on my cell so I know he wasn't abducted by aliens or 'smeared across the highway' on his commute or something. I too have woken up at 2 and 3 am (when he's normally home before midnight) and have thrown my arm over where his spot is and nobody's there. If I call him, he then says sorry, we had a late arrest and I'm almost home, see you in a minute.

Natalie said...

It's so gratifying knowing that your hubby enjoys his job, isn't it?!

We're only a little over 2 years in (if you count when he was a reserve, and I do) and we're constantly working out agreements over late shifts and all that. We still haven't found a perfect system yet for when he's late, but when he thinks about it (and knows he's going to be later) he calls and gives me the FYI. Other times when he's just BSing, he doesn't even realize the time until a frazzled wife calls him with the kids screaming in the background...whatever the case may be!

I'm SO excited for him. Congrats!

Constable said...

Don't want to urinate on your on your pre planned arrangements but it doesn't even work like that here in the UK where we don't have guns.

My wife is re-assured that as long as no police cars turn up in the road it's cool.

Sometimes events happen with such alarming speed that even the best laid plans can go out the window. I can promise to text/phone at x hour and nevr do. If it all goes wrong police wife, you will know in no uncertain terms.

In other words don't give him a hard time time if he checks in a bit late or is a bit distant when he calls you. You don't know here his mind is at or where he is.

Regards from a UK Bobby.

Meadowlark said...

True words, Constable.

I will say, from the wife end, it's a BIG difference between "I was running late because of a call" and "me and the guys got to shootin the shit".

Of course, as a wife and mother (and perhaps as a farmgurl) people always know where I am and I am NEVER late without calling. I think it might be the "taking care of others" nature of women versus the "taking care of self" nature of men???

Constable said...


hello, just read your blog and profile and can't really answer.

We aren't all bad though, I think.


Meadowlark said...

I don't think you're BAD, I just think (at least through the men/women I know) that there is a large difference between the sexes as far as "accounting for the chicks" for want of a better term. I always know (or want to know) where my sig. others are. Husband doesn't even give it a second thought.

Gosh, I'm sorry if you thought i meant it bad, I apologize.

Constable said...


been with my wife for 13 years and was in relationship for another 2.

Not been bad or let my**** go anywhere not allowed for 15 years. Had offers but declined. Cut him some slack. Same subjects over here.