Friday, April 3, 2009

dying for a normal conversation

Here's more proof that HF's mind is in another place. This is a conversation we had before he left to go to class.

Me: I wish that it was only the academy that you had to go to. Not work also. I can't wait until you are just working and then I can't wait until you have a 2 week vacation. . .

HF: It's called paid administration leave because I shot someone.

Me: Okay. . . actually I was thinking that it would just be like a normal paid vacation and not a vacation because you shot someone. Hey! I think I'm gonna go shoot someone 'cause I could really use a vacation about now. Like that's the only time you get work off.

HF: (laughs)

I wonder if paid administration leave is something they discussed the day before in the academy.

Vacation will have to wait. HF will be starting his FTOing on the 24th of April. He graduates on May 8th. Just 34 more days! He is being fitted for his body armor and uniforms right now as we speak. He's excited. He left grinning from ear to ear.


Slamdunk said...

Great job--34 days will be here before you know it.

Yes, the admin leave is a bad deal--you have to stay home anyway so vacations to tropical places would be out.

Natalie said...

I like the 4 days on, 4 days off schedule our local PD has, but now that I'm finally getting use to it, my man is the SRO for the Junior High until the end of the year (yuck, and I'm a secondary school teacher, so I REALLY know what he's going to be facing!).

We don't really have "normal" conversations either...and amnesia tends to hit whenever he's working nights, so planning get-togethers are sometimes full of miscommunication and hurt feelings, but my man is amazing and tries to make things work out.

That's so exciting that the graduation date is getting closer! Yay!

Lisa E said...

What is even more strange is when conversations like this become normal!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Feel free to add me. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and I look forward to following your journey. Your stories bring back so many memories! Congrats to your husband; sounds like he's doing well in the academy! Wait until he graduates; that is an awesome experience to witness!


Dori said...

Yep...this is your "normal" from now on. Sorry. :D

Oh, and feel free to email me if you want. It's smplydori over there at gmail. I'm going to put an email link up on the blog for questions and input--make it a little easier on everyone I think. And thank YOU for the title idea! :D