Thursday, April 23, 2009

the PoPo, the Fuzz, the Heat. What do you say?

I've noticed that people have their own terms when referring to the police. I did a search for slang terms and found 2 websites here and here that list various slang. I didn't check to see how many were the same or different on each list.

I usually just say Cops, or the Police, but affectionately use Po Po for various reasons, stemming from my college days and certain roommates. I'll just say, thank you Jay-Z and other club music.

What do you refer to the police as? Any that are not on the list? I haven't heard of at least half of these. I thought it was an interesting read though. I liked "whoop-whoop". It said that it was used in the American south in reference to the siren.

I've added a new poll at the top right of the blog asking, "Are you offended by the term "pig"? Yes, no, or are you indifferent.


The crazy Shaw Family said...

My hubbie will yell to the kids in the back of the car: "here comes the PoPo!!" when we see another partol car coming. My 4 year old went up to a fellow deputy and asked him if he was a PoPo like daddy. It was hysterical.
I think that if they were to get too bent out of shape about the names they get called, it would eat them alive, and they would be burnt out!

The Happy Medic said...

My daughter asks if her friend's daddy is a "po-po man" like I'm a "clang clang man."
I learned about the "pig" word awhile back

fuzz, 5-0 and po-po are our favorites. Also "Sir."

Slamdunk said...

5-0 was always a common reference. Being from the South, "da poelease" was also a regular.

MJ said...

I think I did a top ten list way back when on my blog for terms used for the cops.

Sometimes I tell my fiance, "Mmmm, I love me some pork. Oink oink."


Anonymous said...

At training school we were told that "pig" stands for Pride, Integrity and Guts. That can hardly be offensive :-))

Natalie said...

Don't you just love wikipedia?! I'll have to go through these with my man to find a good "nickname" for him since I don't have anything clever yet. Thanks for providing it!

I was pleasantly surprised that they had polis on there, which is what my man called them all the time while he lived in Scotland. He also referred to them as bobbies, but he's old-school.

Good stuff!

powdergirl said...

Before I had kids I called them 'cops', ever since though, I've called them police as I want to instill respect for the law and those who enforce it. Shows like 'cops' have undermined it a bit but my sons are old enough now to know that the proper way for a civilian to address an officer around here is as 'officer' or 'constable'.
I don't actually understand where the term 'pig' for the police came from, I don't like it.
Thanks for visiting my blog, and commenting!

Meadowlark said...

Personally, probably cops. Tac-wise, Husband is known as a "SWATgod" ... but I'm kinda sick and twisted that way. :)

I have always been amused by 5-0. Maybe because I secretly thought I was the Hawaiian chick doing the hula thing. Who knows. My brain seems fuzzy lately.

Hogday said...

A rather unpleasant young woman at a demonstration once said to me, in a laughing and sarcastic tone, `bet you really get p****d off at the names the public call you lot". I said, "Missy, I'm so glad you don't have to sit in a police canteen and hear what people like you are called because you really wouldn't like it - its hilarious".