Wednesday, April 22, 2009

academy update

This is all that's left in the academy pretty much:
  • April 22nd & 23rd- Critical Incident Response (AKA Active Gunman)
  • April 24th- Starts FTO
  • April 25th- Firearms
  • April27th- Night Shoot
  • April 30th- Certification Testing: Physical & Written
  • May 2nd- Fun shoot (they can bring whatever guns and they will shoot for fun)
  • May 4th- (Our anniversary) Class meeting (I think a dress rehearsal so to speak)
  • May 8th- Graduation
HF has been selected, or elected, by his classmates to give the class speech. I've been calling him the valedictorian. I don't know if they actually use that term for the academy graduation, but that's what I've been calling him.

I'm so excited. Not only that the end is near, but whatever dates not listed above between the 22nd and the 8th, are days off! Except he'll probably need to study and be busy getting other things in order. And then there's FTO. Either way, we're excited.


The crazy Shaw Family said...

that is awesome! I am so happy for both of you. Do you get to pin his badge on him? I did to my DH and when the Sheriff handed me his badge, I almost yakked on his shoe! Good times...
anyway make sure someone takes pics for you, I was so excited and nervous I only have a couple of fuzzy ones. But it is indeed an amazing and awesome thing to see, especially when they get to wear the dept. uniform!

Slamdunk said...

Congrats to HF for all of his hard work!

Natalie said...

Yay for HF! I was so proud of my husband the day that he graduated looking all dapper and ready to take on the world. He really wanted to wear his kilt for the graduation because they always play pipes and he lived in Scotland for a few years, but they said No. Oh, well. He still looked as handsome as ever in the uniform!

MJ said...

Oh that's so exciting!!! I was so glad when Academy was over - things could finally get back to semi-normal.

Mine gave the speech for his class too, but I didn't call him the Valedictorian... I called him Miss Congeniality.. Hehe.

mrs. fuzz said...

Crazy Shaw- His chief will be giving him his badge. that's cool that you got to do that for your husband though!

MJ- Miss Congeniality. I like that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment...
Graduation time is such an exciting time! It was for me, anyway, DH was stressing all the time, though.
You will have so many stories coming your way pretty soon. Get ready! :)