Friday, May 15, 2009

off the top of my mind

I met CJ the other day, and you know what? I liked her. She still shouldn't be a police officer, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends, right? The poor girl. I'll still share stories about her when I hear them though.

I went to the courthouse with HF to see him get sworn in. The first time being somewhere with him in his uniform. Maybe it's because we were at a courthouse, but it was kind of funny to see a few people steer clear of this small group of officers. I also realized that I'm not scared of the Po-lease any more. Up until recently I just about had a heart attack whenever a police car drove by or if I saw one in the same restaurant as me. I was sure that I would be arrested for making eye contact.

HF had one of his first embarrassing rookie moments the other day. He was at a department shoot with some other officers. He had to do a department qualification. Anyway, he was running everywhere. When he ran out of ammo, he would run as fast as he could to reload. Everything he did and everywhere he went he was running. It wasn't until he realized that the other officers were sitting there laughing at him that he realized he wasn't in the academy anymore and he didn't have to run to do everything. They were cracking jokes at him and he felt like an idiot, but it comes with the territory.

I'm thinking of getting these two items: hazmat suit and industrial tongs
I thought of this because HF had me help him sanitize his handcuffs the other day when he was in a hurry. Gross.


Dori said...

So I got to your last line about sanitizing the handcuffs and I looked over at my husband and asked if he sanitized *his* handcuffs. Looking at me like I was weird (I get that a lot) he said no--not unless there was blood on them or something. Didn't want to know what the "or something" might have been.

Oh, and I still get a little jumpy when the cops show up--then I remind myself that that's the cop I'm sleeping with and my babies' daddy...he's allowed. :D

Meadowlark said...

My comment seemed so snarky, and that totally wasn't my intent. Sorry about that. I just meant that you're too nice to be friends with someone AND talk about them.

I should take a nap.

Momma Val said...

Now I have never heard of cop dad sanitizing his cuffs before. Hmmmmm? Well, maybe the cuffee puked or had oozing sores on their wrist or whatever. BTW, anytime the guys at the PD see or hear of another cop doing something stupid or silly or etc. they are relentless whether you're a rookie or you are a veteran, just part of the territory and job. Male comradery(SP?) mostly. Cop dad mostly avoids it cause it's often mean-spirited and immature, that is when it's not totally hilarious and well deserved :)

mrs. fuzz said...

This isn't routine sanitizing or anything, more like a one time-just got them from someone who didn't clean them ever and had nastiness on them- sort of cleaning. But dontcha think that the tongs might come in handy sometime? I already have the gopher from when I was pregnant. I still use it all the time, but I think that if I ever have to wash part of his clothing that has questionable material on it, I would like to reach into the garbage bag using tongs and maybe those gloves that veterinarians use that go up to their armpits when delivering calves.

Natalie said...

Thanks for the visuals, Mrs. Fuzz!

And I COMPLETELY relate with you about how cops and their cars always made me nervous anytime they were around. Now I just pay attention to their numbers and try to get their attention by waving idiotically at them (it's WAY fun to do because they're in "cop mode" and if they acknowledge that you're there, they usually just to a head bob or indiscreet arm raise. Hilarious!)