Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today is HF's 31st birthday. He got off work at 2:30 pm and is now at a matinee showing of Pixar's UP with the kids. I'm letting Daisy think it's her idea to take him. While they are out and the baby is sleeping, I've been working on this: New York cheesecake with lemon curd topping.
We have talked about not buying stuff this year unless we (a) need it, or (b) it is meaningful. Any extra money right now is being saved for a rainy day, our 10th anniversary getaway (sans kids), cop stuff, a house, etc. etc.

So for HF this year, we made a 7 foot Happy Birthday sign from some butcher paper I had on hand, made him a cheesecake, and I made him a card that has 31 things I love about him. The kids helped to decorate the poster and make the cake. They are seeing the movie with a Cinemark gift card we got for Christmas. HF bought a gun-related thing a few days ago, went shooting with friends on Monday, and next Saturday he is going to go play airsoft all day which he rarely does anymore. So I'd like to think of it as a month-long celebration. I also plan on shaving my legs, which is something I rarely do anymore!

Two of the things on my "31 things" list?
  1. HF is thoughtful: He made me a playlist of my "favorite" music to work out to. Don't worry it won't start automatically.

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  2. HF is a good father: The other night when he was tucking the kids in bed, I walked past their room on my way downstairs and overheard him singing to them with his guitar. This was the song. I shake my head. Then I shake my head smiling. Them iz some lucky kidz. Who sings journey to their kids for a bedtime song?! Hopefully they won't have haunted dreams.


Meadowlark said...

Boy, today is sure a day for people posting things that make me weepy.

It was the guitar. Husband went to BabyGirl's kindergarten class (um... 18 years or so ago) and played Extreme's "More than words" and they sang together.

These are times that can NEVER be replaced.

I'll go before I get sappier

Momma Val said...

Awww! That's so nice. I love homemade/homespun birthdays using creativity and love more than $$.
That is so sweet. So bizarre Cop Dad just turned 31, 7 days ago too.
Hope he had a great day :)

Erin said...

I'm with Meadowlark on the weepy thing. My hubs also plays guitar, and the baby boy loves it. He even tries to strum along sometimes.

And that cheesecake looks delish.

Natalie said...

SUCH great presents! FH absolutely loves anything with lemon, and he's been getting after me to make something from your food blog (we both eat delgado slims all the time now, in various ways) so this may be a great dish for Father's Day.

I totally cracked up with the bedtime song! FH just likes to snuggle with our kids (calls it "giving them the armpit" and they're usually our cold in a few minutes). It's also SO fun to see him rough house with them right before bed or bath. Laughter like that can't be replaced.

Happy Birthday (belatedly) Hot Fuzz!

Dori said...

Gosh, it's a week for birthdays around here! Oh, the cheesecake would go over very well here! I'm way overdue for making one...

Husband sings to the kiddos sometimes--except he can't really sing and that makes it all the more precious! My poor kids get James Taylor, The Beatles and Bon Jovi. They'll be warped for sure!

Heart and Sow Designs said...

Aw, how sweet! Sounds like great birthday plans. Love the cheesecake gift too.

Hope you all have a happy day together.