Tuesday, June 2, 2009


  • KD over at Life While Handcuffed to a Lawman asks what to do for an LEO wife whose husband was killed in the line of duty to show she's thinking about her. I'd like to know myself. If anyone has any ideas and/or experience with this, please comment over at her blog.
  • More police/fire antics from the 3 year old. We were getting ready for bed and choosing pajamas. Me: Luke, do you want to wear these policeman pajamas? Luke: no, I want to wear fire truck pajamas. We think this is hilarious because he only shows preference to firemen when HF is home. He plays policeman when he's gone.
  • Speaking of firemen/paramedics, The Happy Medic has a good list of dos and don'ts for when entertaining strippers and doing cocaine. I can't believe some of the calls you all respond to.
  • I've told everyone I know that I'm doing Body for Life again. Now I have to do it so that I can look like this:Not really, but I have zero tricep strength and can hardly manage a pushup. What happened?!
  • Other than being tuckered out by intense exercise, rowdy kids, and sleepless nights, I've caught the reading and movie bug (it comes in waves). Much of my time lately is being spent reading police books and watching police movies. We are having a blast immersing ourselves in cop-related stuff. Book and movie reviews to come.
  • LAPD Wife is conducting a survey about the care and feeding of police officers. On the top left hand side of her blog is the survey in two parts. Here's the first post she did about this. She also did a second post update and mentioned that the survey isn't just for cops to take. Wives, girlfriends, fire, military, dispatch, paramedics, etc.
  • Ashley tagged me to list 6 Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy:
  1. office supplies
  2. Bert's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Viatmin E & Peppermint
  3. See's Candies
  4. karaoke
  5. bad acting
  6. 80s music. All genres-from Debbie Gibson to Whitesnake
If you like tags or reading tags, Stephanie, another police wife, did one called the ABC's of Me. I laughed at her list of pet peeves. She doesn't like when people crack their knuckles, sniff or snort their noses, and she can't stand teeth. I also found out that we are the same height. I love getting to know the other police wives I've found through blogging.


kd said...

Thanks for asking for input on my recent post. I really am heartbroken for this wife! :(

What do you mean when you say you are doing Body for Life? I haven't heard of that before. Not that I want to get all buffed out like the lady in the picture, but.... ;)

mrs. fuzz said...

Kd- here's a link to the website. I use the book that was published 10 years ago and the cookbook, "eating for life".


It's beating the crap out of me right now and I want to eat whatever I want, but I'm doing it so far one day at a time. I'm determined to be fit and toned.

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the plug--and I am sure your workout plan will have you lifting cars in no time (mine is currently in mothballs; so good for you).

Natalie said...

It's not just Stephanie that's done the ABC's of Me. I found it off of Meadowlark's blog, and couldn't help but make one myself. ;)

Good question about what to do for the wife (and family) of a fallen officer. My hubby and I took out life insurance a few years back (before entering the LEO world), so I'm just waiting for the day I can cash in on his policy. j/k He also has life insurance through the city and his own department, but that's just the financial bit of it all. I think anytime someone loses a loved one unexpectedly, support groups are a must and most likely counseling.

Stephanie said...

Josh's dad does this really long snorting thing that is the base of my issues with sniff/snorting! Didn't say that on my blog, but wow it makes me cringe!

firefighter / paramedic said...

I like HFkids like the fireman pjs more than PD pjs. Good stuff.

To wade into the fitness topics, FFPM wife is working out by Wii. She seemes to like it and it is the first "workout at home" product she has ever used.

As for the LEO wife that has lost her world, I cannot imagine. I can only suggest to find as much help and support as you can find. I wish you the best.