Monday, June 1, 2009

name that cop

For HF's graduation I put together a game called "Guess that Cop". It's about 50 pictures of famous fictional or non-fictional cops. I thought I'd share a few photos and see how many of you know your stuff! Without googling, see how much you know. For example:
  • Do you know the name of the show if it is from one?
  • Do you know the names of the person or persons in the picture?
  • If it is an actor, do you know the name of their character?
  • What else do you know?


Meadowlark said...

LOL. You are a GREAT wife - HF is a lucky man!

I knew the show/reference for most, but sometimes the name was gone (like the last one).

More more more!

kd said...

I would have totally flunked this quiz!!

Slamdunk said...

Good test and I thought I would do fairly well, but missed all the questions on the first one, and a few on the latter ones. Wonderful idea for a theme party.

On your question regarding how to post a link in a comment, I tried to type a post to show you, but stupid blogger automatically turns the code into a link--making it not helpful.

I posted a link in the comment section where you asked me originally that shows you or you are welcome to email me using the addy on the homepage and I can send you the code.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally going to have to hijack this idea for Hubs' upcoming birthday. I'm throwing a huge party and have been looking for fun games.
Great idea!

mrs. fuzz said...

Slamdunk- thanks for the link. I'll try and figure it out.

Ashley- I have a huge file of pics I could email to you if you want. Let me know.