Monday, July 27, 2009


I am finding myself semi-obsessed with all things police now. Please tell me this is normal. It's not easy finding police things though. For example, when I go shopping for the kids, I am always on the lookout for t-shirts or pajamas that have police cars or something, but that's next to impossible. But not if you want firetrucks. There's an abundance of children's items (toys, clothes, hats, etc.) that have firetrucks {insert snide remark from Happy Medic}. Oh, and please shoot me if I start wearing things like police beacon earrings that light up or make a siren noise.

Found: 2 shirts at Old Navy
I got the blue one for my 2 boys, and the deputy one for my brother that's a deputy in CA. He's going to have his first child in September. I thought that the baby probably needed this shirt. Even though it's going to be a girl and this is technically for boys.

Found: fingerprints on jewelry
I found these on Tulaloo. She did a post about the etsy shop, Ali Bali, that makes these little beauties.

Found: Police scrapbook album
I thought this would be a nice book for HF to keep certificates, photos, and other things pertaining to his job. I found this one on Amazon, but I think it can be found in most stores that sell scrapbooks.


Tara said...

i think the newness and somewhat unexpected-ness of D's career move(i always expected to be a pastors wife not a cops wife) finds me absolutely obsessed with police things, none less than him in the uniform, and i was also looking for police things for my girls coz they love anything that they can say s about there daddy!

Meadowlark said...

We don't actually wear anything police in the "real" world, but BabyGirl did find police car fabric and made Husband a BBQ apron. But that's about the only police thing we have.

Don't ask if I have any Marine Corps things... that could get a bit embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Police tend not to wear anything that identifies their profession off-duty, while fire fighters will advertise every chance they get.

It's cute for the kids, but like you said, hard to come by. Grab it up when you see it.

Dori said...

If by "police things" you mean Lego police sets--then, yes. Yes we do. The first set or two were academy graduation gifts from family members and then we just kept adding on. And there's a LE accessory kit for Mr. Potato head. My mom found some really cute flannel with police stuff on it and made "jammies" for one of the stuffed animals. Hmmm...and now I sense a post of my own peculating... topic, but I've always thought there were parallels between pastor and cop--both being paths that, I believe, require a "calling" if there's to be any chance of survival. And same goes for pastor/LE families.

Tulaloo said...

I sometimes feel as though I live in a PD - we have SO much police stuff. Toys and clothes for the kids, plaques on the wall, I have LEO wife mugs and shirts.... Nothing wrong with being proud.

Shameless plug: here is another one for you -

OrdinaryLife said...

If you think finding regular police stuff is hard, try looking for deputy items! Almost impossible.
But we have managed to gather a semi-impressive amount of cop stuff over the past few years. Hubby gets a t-shirt at every training he goes to (and usually picks one up for me too), our agency gives out t-shirts and mugs and other swag fairly often (and since I'm in charge of ordering it, I get to take home a sample or two).
I haven't really found anything for our daughter yet though...but I've been looking around the internet for some shirts for her. If anyone has any good links, please let me know!
Firefighters have more stuff because they are always the good guys...society likes them almost 100% of the time. But (like my husband says), God created cops so firefighters could have heros!

Anonymous said...

I love that first shirt, even tho, with hubs a deputy now I should like the second one. But I am drawn to the first one so much I may consider having a child just to buy that shirt for him.

Is that wrong, you think?

Anonymous said...

Just kidding of course. Not considering having a child right now, for any reason. :-)

Meadowlark said...

For the record. That is the wrong reason to have a child.

The right reason is because eventually you can teach them to mix cocktails for you and your friends.

Just sayin'. Not that I know this from experience.

Casey said...

I don't know where it came from, but while I was at the Academy, my wife had a shower for our second baby, and received a Onesy(sp?) that said "My Daddy Can Arrest Your Daddy".

I thought that was absolutely hysterical, but I wouldn't want her wearing it in public.