Monday, July 13, 2009

HF's Latest Obsession

Motorcycles. These are his favorites. He threw the last one in there, the ninja, to make me mad. I don't like bullet bikes at all. I'm more of a cruiser gal myself.

Kawasaki Vulcan 1500
Star 1100 Silverado
Star 1100 ClassicAnd this one I won't even bother naming. Let's just call it ugly and dumb. Sorry if any of you are offended by this.

HF has been invited to join a motorcycle gang, I mean group. It's not the Blue Knights, or the Iron Pigs (which is an awesome name by the way), but a currently unnamed club at his department. These guys have been riding together for years and are trying to make it more official. They have yet to come up with a name, but HF is currently being recruited. Problem is, he doesn't have a bike.

Background: HF is the oldest child in his family. His mother decided when he was born, that they would raise him to be the sweetest, most sensitive, non-bullying, gentlest boy ever known to mankind. While that truly is his nature, he desired like many boys to play contact sports, ride motorcycles, and do other death defying feats like jumping off of roofs, skydiving, and other macho things. He was coddled and protected by his mother from anything that could cause serious bodily injury. He did swimming, tennis, and karate. Karate was as dangerous as it got. His parents specifically forbade him to ride motorcycles. He wasn't allowed to sit on one, touch one, ride behind someone, nothing! He told himself that when he was a grownup he would ride a motorcycle.

Well that day has come. He is now a grownup. It seriously just dawned on us that we are indeed grownups. So now the search is on for the perfect bike. Harley's are out of the question right now, but he has it narrowed down. HF is signing up to take a motorcycle safety foundation training course and is currently studying his little motorcycle license manual. I'm excited because I grew up riding on motorcycles and look forward to riding with him. And seeing him in this: (found at this: I was just kidding about the chaps. Well, sort of. Any recommendations for a first bike? Are the ones he's looking at too much bike? Any suggestions for a motorcycle gang name? I want them to name themselves the Swine Flu.


Slamdunk said...

hobbies can be so much fun eh?

Dori said...

Having ridden all sorts of bikes myself, I find that I'm partial to the sportier bikes--Buell, Triumph and one or two Ducatis. I owned a Ninja for a while and that took care of my need for speed and stupidity. Two summers ago I sold my beloved 1995 HD XLH Delux. sigh. But it went to a good home--one of the female officers bought it and gives it all the love it deserves that I just couldn't with two little ones! I taught the husband how to ride so I'd have someone to ride with. Now he's riding alone until I decide what my next bike will be.

Chaps on crusiers are a good thing--just with where the pipes run. As are breathable boots and jacket. There are much more practical fabrics than leather--some great synthetic jackets with armor. First bike? As long as he can hold it up, get through the motorcycle safety course with it and feels comfortable on it then there really isn't one that's too much.

So that leaves the question--when are you getting your own?

mrs. fuzz said...

Dori- HF asks me the same thing. While I would love my own bike, I feel like those days are behind me! Maybe when the kids are grown some more? For now i'll settle riding behind him when we get a chance to go out, or ride his when he's not?

I think I hate bullet bikes so much because one of my brothers is a crazy speed addict and has crashed a few. He scares me. There's also a bullet bike riding group that meets at Del Taco here and they ride around the local streets causing a stir. :)

Thanks for all the info! You are quite the expert. I love it.

Erin said...

My hubs wants one too, but I'm too scurred. (that's southern for "scared").

mrs. fuzz said...

Erin- I'm so glad you put the translation in parentheses, otherwise I'd still be wondering what scurred was.

I guess I should mention that it didn't help things that about a month ago one of our friends broke his arm and had his head stitched up after he crashed his motorcycle. He was at it again just a couple of weeks later-broken arm and all. It's all very manly and everything, but crazy.

Natalie said...

You know, normally I share your posts with my hubby, but he's been after me about getting a motorcycle for awhile now (he wants a Harley but don't ask me any particulars because I haven't a clue). This post will be skipped unless he comes upon it accidentally...

And for the record, I'm not a motorcycle nazi. I've never told him no, just that he needs to pay cash for it.

mrs. fuzz said...

Natalie- that's my only rule on the matter too. That he has to pay cash.

Paula said...

Something about motorcycles and cops that go together, huh

Anonymous said...

I never got into the bike thing... mostly because I simply knew I would kill myself. I may have settled down enough now to handle one. Curious to see what he ends up with.

Mama's Ramblings said...

I LOVE TO RIDE!! I would have my own if didn't have to "play" mom all of the time.

My hubby got into riding about 3 years ago. We thought that it would be a good hobby for him. One that he could do day or night and save a little $$ while riding to work or Off Duty.

We have a Suzuki M109R. I have to tell you that it is a sporty looking Cruiser. I can also tell you from experience that they are comfortable to ride on, but ONLY if you have a backrest.

We use to have a Honda CBR 400. LOVED THE SPEED!!!! NOW...we have a two year old...responsibilities change just a little bit.

Why don't you guys rent a few different kinds some weekend?!?! I have had some friends do that before just to make sure that they wanted what they were buying. It might be a few hundred dollars for a day, but at least you will know that you will like what you are buying.

WELL...I hope that my motorcycle wisdom has helped you out a little bit.

Heart and Sow Designs said...

I'm more of a curser gal myself too. I just like to ride on the back not drive one myself, those days are long over. LOL

I got my hubby chaps so he can ride int he winter, but he never wears them or rides in the winter, go figure.

Kim said...

hi mrs. fuzz - i've been catching up on your blog lately. my husband just applied to a PD and is waiting to hear back. we've been busy reading up blogs and researching all things police. i'm really enjoying your blog - really really. the police wife community seems so tight knit and a lot of your posts have eased my anxiety about the idea of my lovie bear being a cop.

also i love your food blog!

ok, pertaining to this post...
funny you mentioned here about HF wanting a bike - i don't know if he's gotten one yet but my hubby has one and we've really enjoyed it so far. we have a honda shadow. it's a great first bike. however we've only got a 600 so it's a little small for him. it fits me perfectly. at some point we'll get him a new one and i'll get the shadow. so there, a honda shadow is my recommendation. but get one that's bigger than a 600. : )