Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I texted HF the other night while he was at work:

ME: I have your work phone

HF: OKay, I'm 10-17 to the house.

ME: That means diddly squat to me

HF: Time to learn

ME: It's not like I can't hear you roaring into the driveway.

It seems like all we do is text these days. And I don't have a full keyboard like HF does on his blackberry, so my texts look like this.

ME: when will u B home?

HF: I'm changing right now.

ME: Do u want 2 make out when u get here?

HF: Sure

ME: C u L8R.

Yes, we schedule intimacy.


LOUDnPROUD said...

too cute! i hate texting it takes too long to text back,like u i have the non keyboard phone and my dh has the blackberry.humm why is that??

Meadowlark said...

I am only allowed to say stuff via text that can be answered with YES or NO. And I think those two are stretching it for Husband. Who I still make have the oldest phone in the house ;)

Anonymous said...

Im 5 years in and still dont know half the codes Dh thinks i am suppose to know...lol I am a bad PW.

We text too. Its easier for me to send him a text and just wait for the response instead of calling him and bugging him.

Especially this past weekend. Labor day made it next to impossible to speak on the phone. Texting has come in handy :)

911 and the Randomness.. said...

DH finally got texting and now he's addicted and wants a full keyboard too! and yeah, we have to schedule times to make out too.

Dori said...

The easiest way for us to keep in touch throughout the day is with texts. We actually just got new phones because of that! It's just easier--on both sides. He can answer a text when he's busy with stuff and can't really talk on the phone. I can answer a text without two munchkins begging to talk on the phone as well!

And, um, we've had "those" text conversations as well...nothing wrong with that!

Erin said...

LOL! ROTF! Luv it! ;) Oh, like HF, CuteCopHubby can sleep as well!!! Holy cow! :)

Slamdunk said...

That is very nice.

The only text's the Mrs. gets are from a guy who has had a crush on her since junior high. Hmmm, perhaps I should be spending less time reading blogs and more time monitoring texts. haha

Sean said...

and you have to send him the appropriate teasing texts so he makes a "special" trip home at least once on a slow night..... ummm I'm just saying!

Natalie said...

I hate texting. I don't have a full board so maybe that's the reason (it takes FOREVER!) but we also don't have it on our plan so we have to pay for every text sent out and received, so he knows not to text me unless it's the last resort. Then, it comes in handy.

I still hate it, though. I'm a face-to-face or e-mailing kind of gal!

Texas Ghostrider said...

I need to have my wife read this and get some pointers from y'all!

Momma Val said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! My husbands and mine aren't nearly as sexy as yours BUT he likes to think everything I text are "code words" for doin' it. Pa-hah! As if I have nothing else on my mind :)

Meadowlark said...

So true Momma Val!

If I say "honey, we need to do some laundry" his reply (with a leer and wink) is "do some LAUNDRY. YEAH!!!!!"

teee heee

Erin said...

lol we do the same thing! and often through texting. i have a feeling we'd be good friends in real life.

Momma Val said...

Ha! Ha! Men, they want to think everything is about "IT!" Pahahahahaha! Last week I told him he could stick his spoon in my bowl if he wanted a taste and that really got his blood flowing, that was not a text though. Just eating ice cream after kid hours and he was eyeing it . . . . . the ice cream that is :)

Dori said...

Texas Ghostwriter...beware of what you ask for! We might just teach her other tricks!

mrs. fuzz said...

Funny comments guys.

LoudnProud- Yeah, when HF surprised me with a new cell phone his was a blackberry and mine was "generic". The first thing I said was, "I see how it is". Even though I totally don't care. Just thought it was interesting . .

Mrs. Deputy- I am beginning to see the convenience of texting. It is easier for them I think.

911- I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Dori & Sean- I see you guys are veterans at this! :) So far I haven't been able to lure him home while on duty.

Slamdunk- I would be putting the kibosh on those texts from the jr. high stalker. :) I see a story about this. I'm intrigued.

Erin- I agree!

Momma Val and Meadowlark- Ha! Too true!

Natalie- Once we got texting on our plan it was nonstop! I think it is really convenient, but I do get annoyed with the lack of personalness. That's not a word, but you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

We text too, I'm getting more used to the unpersonableness of it. :-) I'd still rather talk. And, yes, we do schedule intamacy too!!

mrsofficer said...

hahah I love it! Nothing like alittle spice to get them to hurry home :)Im fortunate to have the bb curve! its so much faster when texting:)

BooksandLove said...

how cute. Just stumbled on your blog looking for police items.

Lisa E said...

OMG, I'm peeing my pants over here, I'm laughing so hard! If you hadn't specified it was you, I would've thought you'd eavesdropped on me and the hubs. We communicate more thru text than anything anymore, and I'm also the one without the full keyboard. BRILLIANT!