Thursday, October 8, 2009

police finds on etsy

I went to etsy and entered in 'police' in the search bar. These were some of the ones I liked or that made me laugh. Click on the pictures to go to the seller's etsy store.

i really like this necklace except I would only want HF's number without the words and the pearls. Would you wear something like this?
I LOVE wooden toys!

These cards were created by tulaloo, a police wife, who not only has an etsy store and business, but also has a blog. In fact, right now she's having a giveaway and will be giving away 3 sets of her handmade stationary. Go read about it if you're interested.
little leather baby shoes. just like robeez!
This is also another police wife/mom that blogs and has an etsy store. She mostly does aprons. Maybe HF would wear this one while he made his infamous delgado slims, which by the way I asked him the other day if he was hungry and if he wanted one of his slim delgados. He corrected me saying it was actually called a delgado slim and that a slim delgado was something different entirely. He hasn't told me what it is. I'm not really dying to know either.
child's pillowcase

haha! There are a couple of etsy stores that make mustaches and beards. Now that's making good use of your knitting/crocheting skills!
i think my MIL would love this magnet.
little painted wooden set of cops and robbers.


LOUDnPROUD said...

those are all cute!
I have a sheriff's badge charm I wear around my neck all the time that my hubby gave me for christmas one year and I also have some really cute blinged out handcuff earrings,bracelet,and anklet.all I need is a handcuff ring!I will post pics,they are really cute.I think I want to get that apron for my dh since he is the one who mans the bbq.
thanks for the ideas

mrsofficer said...

I love the sign with the poem !!! that just melts my heart! And I like the handcuff necklace!The other one is nice but I would stick to the badge number and not want to wear something that says police wife!for security reasons!There are some VERY crazy people out there ya know;)

Tulaloo said...

Thanks for the mention! A portion of the proceeds from our police themed products is donated to NPWA.

I like the necklace, but would like it even better with a blue pearl, I think. And I LOVE the shopping bag!

TM said...

Those were some great finds! I like the necklace, minus the police wife, and the wooden police and robbers. They are too cute.

Natalie said...

These are way fun!

It's so funny that you mentioned the delgado slims because my husband made himself a few before starting his night shift tonight. Claims it put him in the right "mind set." ;)

Rebecca said...

I LOVE Tulaloo stationary!! Outstanding work and service!

Wifey said...

Found these Little Tikes at Target and bought them for DH's upcoming graduation as his "fun" gift.

"Heroes are Everywhere" book and 3 figurines: Policeman dog, Firefighter dog, and a Military bird.

So cute for those of you with kiddies!

Nat said...

That necklace is so cool, I really love it.
I think you might be interested in this , it's such a gothic style handcuff necklace, and it was so cheap