Sunday, October 18, 2009

we have the flu

and I feel like the Little Red Hen. Who's going to. . .
  • feed the baby/kids?
  • make the meals?
  • do the dishes?
  • clean up the bathrooms?
  • vacuum the floors?
  • wash all the clothes?
  • Run errands?
  • comfort a crying baby?
  • take care of us while we are in bed?
I thought I was at the end of my illness. I guess it was just the beginning. If I were the only one sick in the house, I might put the back of my hand to my forehead and swoon, fake some of the more serious symptoms, and "need" special treatment, but looks like HF is worse off than me. Conveniently, he got sick on his days off. I told him he probably planned it and that medicine is for wusses, but I went and got him what he requested anyway. He doesn't think I'm funny when he's sick. He also doesn't like what I use to fight illness. I load up on Black Elderberry, Echinacea, Zinc, and vitamin C. I brought him some of my concoctions in a little "vial", and he asked, "what is this?" I laughed like an evil scientist and told him I would tell him after he drank it. Most people don't drink something when presented that way, but he did. He's still not convinced it does anything. So it's a contest to see who gets better faster. I was hoping that we would get the swine flu about the first week of December when HF's dad was planning on visiting (to prevent him from actually coming to visit), but NO. It had to be now. Question is, can you get it twice in the same season? I hope this is it for the rest of winter. It's not fun when your insides want to be on the outside.


Damsel Underdressed said...

So sorry! Hope you feel better soon!

Slamdunk said...

Ouch--hang in there. Sick adults are bad, sick kiddos are the worst though.

Momma Val said...

Blagh! Hope you and everyone else gets better soon. Really stinks when nobody can take care of mom or even help her. I too prefer natural cures over antibiotics and things of that sort. I would gladly drink your mystery vial :)

Erin said...

That stinks. I hate when everyone is sick together. Unless it's just a not-too-bad sick, when you can all lay around and watch movies and feel cozy. But this sounds less fun than that.

LOUDnPROUD said...

oh you poor thing.I think the men act like bigger babies than the kids when they are sick!lol
that is a good question about the the swine flu,I looked it up and it said no unless a stronger strain of it comes around but for now no.
I think I just had the regular flu cause I was still able to clean.
hope you all feel better soon!

Meadowlark said...

Oh, that's terrible. :( Hope everyone feels better soon.

mrsofficer said...

I read somewhere overloading on vit c atleast 1000mg helps to get rid of any cold/flu.I dont know if it works but when im sick I try anything!no fun being sick with kids who aren't!They still expect dinner,and the house to be done

copswife said...

Yuck. Too bad.

My hubs rarely gets sick, but when he does. Watch. Out. He gets really sick and really needy. He once sent me to the grocery store 3 times in one day!

BunnyO said...

Hot tea, a little honey and a little TINY dash of whiskey before bed and you will wake up feeling better. The hubs' family in Ireland made me do this a couple times and now I swear by it.

Good luck and you all get well soon!

Julie said...

Sorry to hear that you're not well ... hope you're up and about again quickly.

Christopher said...

Chicken. Noodle. Soup.

Natalie said...

I know what every single one of those concoctions are and LOVE them for getting rid of the sickies, especially echinacea! My personal remedy for common cold is echinacea, women's multi-vitamin, expectorant like mucinex (tussin), a snort of zicam, and TONS of water as soon as symptoms arrive. And yes, chicken noodle soup if I didn't catch the symptoms early enough with aforementioned remedy. It's worked so far!

Good luck and getting feeling better!