Thursday, October 15, 2009

this is how we roll

This evening on our quest for the perfect pumpkin, we drove past one of those car graveyards called "Pick A Part", and outside on the side of the road was this beauty. We both laughed out loud at the same time and I made HF pull over to get a good picture of it on his phone. You gotta love the paint job. In case it's hard to see, on the door that's painted white, they painted a gold star and on top of that, 'Sheriff'. I'm thinking it was used at some kind of demolition derby before being dropped off here.

Speaking of demolition derbies, I'm having a flashback. When I went to college, I left my home state of California for the very first time, and was totally enthralled by all the cowboys I was suddenly surrounded by. I ended up dating one of these cowboys for over a year. I have to say one of his hobbies on the weekend was to drive to neighboring countryside towns and check out the possible derby cars parked all over people's yards. I was a little embarrassed by this, but hey, I wanted to experience this strange and new (for me) life firsthand. He was mostly doing it because he thought it was funny, but he loved going to these derbies (and taking me with him). Finally one day, he found the perfect car. It was a green 1972 Chrysler Newport. It was a great big boat of a car. I remember him saying, "Baby, this dashboard lights up like a noon day sky!" He got it ready for the derby and as a final touch he rigged the trunk so that at some point while he was driving around in the derby, he could pop the trunk open and inside he had somehow made a giant hand that sprang out and flipped off all the other drivers.

Classy, I know. My parents were so proud.

HF gives me a hard time about those days sometimes. He and I were friends during this time, both wanting so much more but he lived out east and I was out west. I remember telling him these stories on the phone and he would be like, "What are you doing with this guy?!" But I had a good time.

Flashback over.


mrsofficer said...

it's good to reminisce on the old days!haha i bet your man does laugh at that guy! But he was a cowboy so gotta love a cowboy!my hubby's family lives in a town where they have a Derby and tickets are super hard to come by!its usually in late july/ year we were up we went with the cousins and watched on the roof top of our car and a train that was there!Its strangly entertaining !

911 and the Randomness.. said...

Ah, stories of the past are so much fun to think about sometimes. Especially when you try and remember what you were thinking during that time! As for the truck, I think my dept could use that.. Could add some of that 'special' class to my town!

Dori said...

You haven't experience drag racing until you've been to school bus races! Oh, baby.

My husband and I were hang out friends/drinking buddies long before we started dating...we were brutal on each other's dates! I remember holding up a score card one night (even with a high score)--he was *not* amused. But I was. It was funny.