Saturday, November 21, 2009

guess the cop game

You know those name that cop posts I've done? Well this is where it comes from. For HF's academy graduation party I compiled pictures of famous cops from history or tv shows with the help of a police wife on one of the pw forums. People were able to try their luck at how many they knew. There was a point for each of the following: name of historical person or character, actor's name, name of the show they were on, and other info one might happen to know. I have 50 pictures and am still collecting all the time. I printed them out and stuck them in a three-ring binder. I printed off a title page and slid it in the sleeve on top of the folder. Then I found these babies:
Peel 'N Place bullet holes. I actually found these at a party store in the "throw a mafia themed party" section. While I was sticking them on the folder, HF was sitting nearby and teasing me about how many I was sticking on there. "I want that folder dead!" or "I won't be satisfied until that folder is dead!" or "Bring me that folder's head!" I thought I was pretty clever at placing one of them over the 'o' in Cop. I told HF that the rest of these puppies were going to go on the side of the minivan.
A couple of my pictures are a little fuzzy because I couldn't find one big enough to print out. For example, the one above is the bailiff from Judge Judy. I still stuck it in there to remind myself to check to see if I could find a better picture later on. Just stick an index of the answers in the back, add pieces of paper and a pencil in the front pocket and you've got a game ready to go.
And just because, here's one of my faves o f Miami Vice. This is a fun game for other parties, not just for an academy graduation. If you want the pics I have including the title page and index, email me and I will send you the file. apolicewife[at] gmail [dot] com. If you find any that I don't have, I would probably like to have it! You can email me the pic with the information about the photo as well.


aj said...

That is great!!!

Slamdunk said...

Creative idea--I am sure that makes for interesting discussion.

Sage said...

You have mail :0)