Tuesday, December 1, 2009


While driving together as a family, our 3 year old son asked, "Daddy? You a policeman?" He asks this every now and then and also when he sees HF in his uniform. In his mind, HF is not a policeman unless he is in his uniform.

HF answered, "Yes, I'm a policeman. I'm always a policeman. Even when I'm not wearing my uniform."

Luke: You can't arrest me because you are my father.

HF: I can't arrest you because you are a good little boy.

Last night, HF was telling me today's itinerary before going to bed:

HF: Tomorrow I'm going to wake up and take Daisy to school, and then I'll be up until about noon. When I wake up at 6 pm, I will get showered, dressed, eat dinner, then get kicked in the crotch 75 times. I will go straight to work afterwards.

Me: Have fun with that.

The getting kicked in the crotch refers to R.A.D. class.

what are some things overheard in your LE houses?


Jillian said...

Your little guy is precious! And that is SUCH a cute story!

As for funny law enforcement stories, this is a sweet conversation that I had with our almost-3-year-old daughter, Brooke-

B: Is daddy a police man?
Me: Yes, he is!
B: What does he do??
Me: You know what he does. Tell me!
B: He keeps us safe!
Me: Why does he do that?
B: Because he loves us!

I love how much pride she has in her daddy, even at this young age!

mrsofficer said...

My daughter said " Is daddy at work kicking those bad guys butts?" lol I said
"yes" she then laughed and said " Daddy is tuffhewon't get a boo boo" haha

911 and the Randomness.. said...

He's so adorable!

Erin said...

Overheard in our house:

"Daddy has to go to work now because there will always be boneheads. Can you say 'job security'?"

Tara said...

our 3 year olds comment when she could see some graffiti while we were stopped at a set of traffic lights...

Oh no mummy, some naughty boys wrote on the wall... Daddy will have to catch them when he is at work and smack their bottoms and put them in jail for 5 minutes! (said like 5 minutes is the longest time ever)

mrs. fuzz said...

Jillian- That is very sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs officer- i love it. "he won't get a boo boo"

911- thanks!

Erin- was that said to ethan in a baby voice?

Tara- that is hilarious. They really should smack their bums I'm thinking. . .

Stella said...

I commented this on my blog around Halloween, but still it holds a dear place in my hear. My almost 5 year old son was saying how Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc. are all fake "super-heroes". Then he said that his Daddy is a real superhero. Can't get any better than that.

Slamdunk said...

Funny picture--I feel like that right now.

KD said...

First, I love the photo! Soooo adorable.

This story is courtesy of my Uncle's family; I've mentioned before that my uncle is a long time cop. When his son was around 3rd grade, his bike was stolen off their porch. He was telling the story to our grandma. He told grandma how the bike had been stolen and "Do you know what,Grandma? I decided daddy is not a very good policeman because he can't even keep the bad guys from stealing my bike!"

Natalie said...

Cute story (and CUTE munchkin!) Anytime we read a book with a police officer or see a police car, I ask my son, "Who's that?" with the answer, "Hon!"

And I have to admit, when you referred to the crotch kicking, I was thinking rough housing with sons rather than actual training. That's what usually occurs in our house before shifts start! Gets him "prepared" you know?!