Saturday, March 27, 2010

joys, fears, goals, and obsessions

I've been tagged by April to list 3 joys, fears, goals, and obsessions. Here goes:

1.  Camping, hiking, spending time outdoors
2.  A happy husband and kids
3.  throwing or giving stuff away that we don't need or use

1.  My kids being screwed up because of me
2.  Dying a horrible and painful death
3.  Aging

1.  Buying a house
2.  Traveling the world
3.  to figure out this couponing thing and save lots of moula

1.  Southland, Chuck, LOST, The Office, etc.
2.  Fitness and Clean Eating
3.  organizing and cleaning my home

I'm supposed to tag SIX people:
1.  Monica at Loud and Proud
2.  Simply Complicated
3.  KD at Life While Handcuffed to a Lawman
4.  Jenney at The Drays Today
5.  Stephanie at Because of Love
6.  Mama Hen at Confessions of a Police Officer's Wife


Jenney said...

I will add this to my post today! When I get to it :o)

Mama Hen said...

Fun!! thanks!

Cop Mama said...

We love camping, hiking, and outdoors too!

How fun, getting to know you better!

MONICA-LnP said...

We love camping too and I am so obsessed with cleaning it drives EVERYONE batty!
thanks for tagging me and I will put it up Monday.

Rebecca said...

booo I didn't gret tagged. lol just kidding :-)
Hurray for camping!!
fear: creepy crawly spiders - yuck!