Thursday, March 11, 2010


Recap of the week:

1.  Baby Beau has RSV. Doc says he is contagious for another 2 weeks.

2.  Everyone else has been sick too

3.  I woke up one morning this week and vomited on and off for a few hours. (this is what, the 4th time in      just a couple of months? My body is seriously screwed up! No, it's not what you're thinking)

4.  Contemplated that I could've gotten sick from the previous day's raw vegan get together I attended.

5.  Decided I wasn't meant to be raw vegan.

6.  One of my big brothers is getting married in April. I like my soon to be sister-in-law.

7.  I went to a Bridal shower tonight

8.  HF and I were invited to go to Cancun next year at a timeshare. We think we are going to do it.

9.  I made some carrot soup tonight. Everyone gagged on it. Even me, but I pretended like it was awesome.

10. I also made some quinoa cookies and everyone gagged on those as well except for the baby. He likes them.

11. This week a creepy guy that's been hanging out at various elementary schools in the city (the police have been monitoring his activities somewhat) attempted 3 abductions. A 4 year old girl, a 6 year old girl, and an 11 year old girl. Two of the girls got away from him without any trouble. The 6 year old, not too far from where we live, he was watching her play in her yard and her babysitter looked out and saw him picking her up and she went out and confronted him and went nuts on him yelling and such. He followed them back inside her house! Anyway, he's been arrested. This stuff freaks me out. It's everywhere, but I feel like we've had too much in our city alone with guys like this. Our daughter is in R.A.D. kids right now. I also see many kids her age walking to and from school by themselves and they take this underground pass that is dark and creepy with gang grafitti. Anyone could be down there waiting for kids. I will probably walk my daughter to school until she goes to college.

12. HF has worked on all of his days off and had additional training, R.A.D. classes, and special events. It gets to me sometimes.

13. One of my good friends took Daisy to Disney on Ice for her birthday

14. Another one of my brothers came to visit and watched the kids at night while they were sleeping so I could go out. (I had to suppress crazy laughter of sheer joy at getting out)

15. When I was coming out of the grocery store a few days ago late at night, I saw a couple walk up to our car and put something on the windshield. I though they must've hit it and they were leaving me their insurance information. It was a note that said, "Only three more days until Friday! Yeah! Have a great night." They also put a kit kat in it. I love kit kats. They didn't know me. I didn't know them. That kind gesture touched me and lifted my tired spirits.

16. We moved our two oldest children upstairs from the basement. Now our baby is happy and he sleeps better at night having them near. I do too.

17. I am busy making birthday party plans for our soon to be 7 year old. It's going to be a ballerina party. I hit the dollar store and this is what I have so far. It's going to be awesome. Faux silver platters, colorful tutus, ring pops for the favor bags, and flower garlands for hanging up in the kitchen above the food table. The dollar store is awesome sometimes!
18. This is what my bed looks like right now (photo overexposed to keep the mystery surrounding our life). And I want to shove it onto the floor and crawl into bed, but I have been doing that for weeks. And it just keeps getting bigger. I keep hoping that it will bother HF and he'll put everything away, but I don't think he even notices it.
19. Oh, if you want to buy The Princess and the Frog when it comes out next week, print off this coupon and get it $10 off. If you go to Walmart on the release day, new releases are usually $13 or $14 so with $10 0ff you will spend $5 or less! Not bad, eh? We did this for Snow White when it came out. It works!

20. The OCD in me had to have 20 things, not 19.


Momma Fargo said...

Hope you feel fun being sick.

And the dude that got arrested is a serious predator. Parents and kids are lucky that he got caught.Good on the cops! Score one for the good guys. And I am sure it is not his first rodeo. YIKES.

Princess and the Frog...Awesome!

Slamdunk said...

I hope you all feel better soon. The dirty laundry invasion is a regular feature here as well.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

#17 sounds like a BLAST! Are #6 and #7 related? And #11 scared the be-jezes out of me. I feel like we mothers of girls have so much more to worry about than mothers who have only boys.

Confessions From A Working Mom

Mandy said...

am totally obsessed with the dollar store and buy all birthday supplies there!

Pam Landy said...

Dang lady, you're out of commission for a few days and you come back with a doozy! I am so sorry you've been so hellaciously sick recently - once one person in a unit (family, office, etc) gets really really ill, it can be hard to get rid of a bug like that. It just keeps mutating and looping around and around. Hopefully it gets warm soon where you are!

KD said...

ok, I thought I hated my life until I read your 20 bullets this morning. :( I'm so so sorry, girl! Let's see... it could be worse?!?! :/ My friend's 5 month old had RSV and was in the hospital for 5 days. Although maybe that would be better. You could stay at the hospital 24/7 and get a little break. I'll be sending happy thoughts your way!

KD said...

p.s. And the "keep hoping HF will notice.." bit!?!? That does not work at my house either. :( DH accused me of having rotting food out in the kitchen because of the fruit flies swirling in there. Turns out it was the molded, unrecognizable tangerines coming from HIS lunch bag. So he threw it away. Men!!

April E. :) said...

"I made some carrot soup tonight. Everyone gagged on it. Even me, but I pretended like it was awesome." That seriously cracked me UP!
And this "The OCD in me had to have 20 things, not 19." I am right there with ya sister!
Oh and the creepy thoughts...cut his manhood off...just do it. He isn't prepared to use it correctly anwyays. Dirtbag.

Mama Hen said...

Say yes to Cancun. We're going next year too. I keep dreaming about margaritas and massages on a white sand beach.

And supressed crazy laughter ... totally understand you there!

Cop Mama said...

So much info, what do I pick to comment on?

Seriously, raw vegan??? That's too funny, you have to admit! Well, ok, maybe not funny until you're feeling better :-)

danielle said...

Dang you got me all excited about the coupon....then got there and found it to be for BlueRay...dont have a blue ray....if you find a laundry folding fairy - would you please share him??

Rebecca said...

Stinks about all the sickness. Hope all are well soon. You have been busy! I thought our house was eventful. The laundry on the bed cracked me up. So typical. We've all been there :-)

mackenzie said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I don't even remember how I came across your blog but i'm so glad i did! even though i am not a wife yet, my boyfriend is a detective and has been for almost 5 years now, and i can relate oh so well! ;) love your blog!

Jenney said...

Ew, noone is meant to be a raw vegan...I am pretty sure of that.
Hey, could I have your quinoa cookie recipe if it doesn't have any flour in it? My little Gluten-Free guy would get some use out of it.

MONICA-LnP said...

my bed looks like that too!

Simply Complicated said...

glad I'm not the only one who does that with my laundry! And as much as I wish my husband would "notice" it - I guess I'm glad he doesn't cuz that means he truly doesn't care! :-) Dishes too... ugh.
Hope you're feeling better!!