Friday, May 7, 2010

Poll: best tv/movie cop duos

I haven't done a poll in a while. These are the results from the last two.

Do you have/use a shoulder holster?
Yes, I use one  (1 vote 4%)
Yes, but I don't use it  (1 vote 4%)
No (8 votes 38%)
No, but I want one (3 votes 14%)
I used to, but I sold it to a rookie (1 vote 4%)
Not interested (7 votes 33%)
Votes: 21

What is your duty weapon?
Glock .40 (19 votes 48%)
Glock 9mm (3 votes 7%)
Glock .45 (3 votes 7%)
Sig 226 (6 votes 15%)
Sig 228 (0 votes 0%)
Sig 229 (3 votes 7%)
1911 (any make) .45 (1 vote 2%)
Beretta 92F (0 votes 0%)
Other (4 votes 10%)
Votes: 39

Sometimes we watch cop buddy movies or tv shows. Sometimes we end up arguing about which cop duos are the best. There are so many to choose from, so I want to do a series of polls that you can vote on for your favorite partner duo. The winner of each poll will be added to the next poll and so on. So it's kind of like a bracket thing. Hopefully you can indulge me in this.

In your opinion, which is the Best TV/Movie Cop Duo out of these 6:

1.  Turner and Hooch
2.  Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice
3.  Kay and Jay from Men in Black
4.  Carter and Lee from Rush Hour
5.  Butterman and Angel from Hot fuzz
6.  Walker and Trivette from Walker Texas Ranger

The winner of this bracket will go on to another round. Poll will be on the top right of the sidebar.


FabuLeslie said...

Hot Fuzz was such a great movie! I feel like there's another I would choose if I could, but it's not coming to me now. If it does, I will mention it. Fun poll. :)

Dori said... know I'm a sucker for the furry partner. I cry every time I see Hooch die. Freakin' softy.

Christopher said...

Not having seen any of these, put me down for Murtough and Riggs from Lethal Weapon, whenever they come around :)

danielle said...

Cant vote in this one cause you are missing my favorite duo - Tango and Cash!! Ok, allright, it is all because of the shower scene....!!!!!!!

Deputy's Wife said...

I chose Walker and Trivette because I used to watch Walker, Texas Ranger with my grandparents. Good times. ;-)

Sister Copinherhair said...

Oh...okay...another round! Whew! I was going to say, "What about Ponch and John? Cagney and Lacey?" :)