Monday, May 24, 2010

since the last time I was here. . .

a few more police wives and/or police pals, for lack of a better term, have popped up:

Mrs. Gumshoe
The Story Lady
A View From the Porch
That Ladybug

I feel like I'm missing somebody. Let me know if I am. I also just wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful comments that everyone leaves and for the emails I get. I have been AWFUL at commenting myself and responding to emails as of late so I want you to know that I appreciate it very much.

If you must know where I've been, I've actually been going to bed early. So no late nights at the club as usual (sarcasm there). Just going to bed early because my kids are rocking my world! Last night both boys wet their beds at the same time. 4 year old came and got in bed with me, wet clothes and all. I woke up when I realized I was soaking wet. I changed the baby's diaper, was too tired to change the sheets on both beds so I put blankets over the wet spot and put them back to bed. Is that bad? Then baby proceeded to scream his head off for forever. I texted HF about the insanity, mostly in an attempt to keep a sense of humor about the horror of the situation and you know what? I don't know how he pulled it off, but he ended up coming home early and he put me to bed in the guest bed since our bed was now soaked. He got in bed too. In the morning, the kids couldn't find us for awhile. It was nice. Anyway, it's been seriously WILD these last couple of weeks with the kiddos. So I am tired.

We've also been fixin' our place up a bit, and I've been cookin' a bit so I don't have to cook everyday, and shoppin' and so on. I've also been doin' a bit of gardenin' too. Here's some pics of what's on my balcony (I don't usually leave the g's off of my words, just feeling a little bit country tonight):

please don't pay attention to our busted balcony
mostly everything looks like this, but still exciting
and there are a few red ones too! I've noticed some neighborhood birds have been eyeballing these plants as well. What should I do? Cover them with nets? Get an owl decoy??

This weekend my HF's baby brother and his wife will be visiting for memorial weekend. We have a jam-packed weekend of fun waiting for them (fingers crossed) It's also the last week of school for Daisy.

I'll be back tomorrow with a very important question for all police wives/spouses. I'm trying to make you all curious so you'll really come back tomorrow. Did it work?


Anonymous said...

Oh I dislike those WET nights. Mr A has them and it really sucks.. and some nights I too dont change the sheets and just put towels down just to get him back to sleep asap cuz if he is awake too long Its over we are up the rest of the night :/

your garden looks great! I will be waiting for your question tomorrow

KD said...

yes, it worked. :) That is so awesome about HF coming home. BTW, I NEVER change sheets in the middle of the night, I put a towel over the spot and you gotta live with it. I guess that makes me a mean mommy.

Guess what? We got a strawberry plant too!! Not sure how to protect it, tho... or make it grow for that matter! :O

Jackie said...

re: wetspot. You're nice. My sister used to just crawl in bed with me.

re garden, you can get inexpensive apartment netting. it goes over/around your balcony. Stops larger birds and other creatures from getting at them, but still allows insects to pollinate them.

@KD: To grow strawberries, lots and lots of sunlight, water when it's cool (aka evening/first thing in the morning) and just leave them alone!! protect them using netting. for slugs set out a small dish with some beer in it!

good luck with the gardens!!


Sister Copinherhair said...

I'll be back with or without the suspense of the question. :)

Slamdunk said...

The kids have been more to handle for us lately as well--my post today is on blackout blinds.

I hope things improve, and I just saw some wild strawberries growing in a nearby field. Reminded me that it is time to do some picking at one of our local farms.

Mama Hen said...

Love the moving to another bedroom to trick the kiddos! Heh heh.

Can't wait to hear your question... :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about anything, you sound like you have your hands full this weekend. I'm sure I will too. I have some friends visiting and a party planned.

take care and thanks for including me on your list.

Jenney said...

You got my curiosity up! Can't promise I'll be back to read tomorrow exactly, but I can try. My world is a bit rocked these days too! I SO feel you on the wet beds, and will try the blanket solution :o) I have a friend who puts a mattress pad, then a sheet, then a mattress pad, then another sheet in case she needs to change the bed in the middle of the night. I love that idea, but with three kids I don't have enough mattress covers. We have 4 that rotate constantly! Maybe it will work for you though.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Strawberries? Send some my way! Sorry, no advice on that. My thumb is orange, not green.

I love the flower boxes on the balcony! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks for including me in your list of new police-wife blogs. I'm new to blogging, so I'm just getting the hang of it, but it's neat to see the police-family support!