Thursday, August 12, 2010

frivolous finds: police-themed baby shoes

Look at me blogging every day this week.

These are the type of shoes I use for my babies and early walkers. On Amazon they are $9.99. These are made by momo baby and this particular set is named Police Misty Blue.

Pretty stinking cute if you ask me. And can I just say I love the mustache detail? Ha.


Yellow said...

LOL I love them! They are so cute, I think I know what all the little boys are getting this year. .LOL

Sera said...

LOVE 'em! :):) Too bad I didn't know about these when Blake was smaller... do you think a girl can pull them off?? ;) lol

W said...

Do you think they'll still be for sale in a couple of years? I kind of need those

Jenney said...

Those ARE cute. Too bad my boys are too big for them now :o(

Oh, we had my hubby's police league ball team over the other night, and one of the babies had a onesie that said "My daddy can arrest your daddy" I cracked up.

jackie said...

These are so cute!!! Love them!!!