Sunday, August 1, 2010

Girl Gear: The leather hip purse

aka the fiona bag.
This is the actress from Burn Notice. The bag in the first pic looks different than the bottom two.

Ever since season one of Burn Notice, I have pondered over this hip purse that the character Fiona wears occasionally. I decided that I liked it a lot. Enough to own it. I told HF. He said it was a fanny pack. We argued briefly about whether or not it was. I'm still going with no, because it doesn't make me feel sick to my stomach when I look at it, but a fanny pack does.

Can you imagine the benefits to this cute leather hip purse? I could go hands free. I could man-handle care for my kids without my purse falling from my shoulder and hitting them in the teeth on accident. I can carry a baby on one hip and do what I need to do with my purse securely attached and looking cute and stylish. Am I right? Do you think this is a cute look?

The closest thing to this hip bag that I found was here. It's doesn't look exactly the same, but it's pretty close.
I also like how Fiona wears it over her little dresses too. So you don't have to loop it through belt loops to use it! I like this hip bag. It's not a fanny pack. This is a fanny pack:


Canis Comedit said...

humm... wonder if a small handgun would fit as well? :) those are cute.

Sister Copinherhair said...

Sorry, I don't know how to create a link in comments. But I just saw this yesterday. It might not be big enough but it's another option...and very cute!

Yellow said...

I love that bag too! I have thought about just making one. I am surprised we haven't seen more of em in the stores. I mean they can have all kinds of cartoon stuff, but a grownup show and we are out of luck.

Anonymous said...

That is nice, but you guys should check out too!

FabuLeslie said...

Yeah, it's not a fanny pack. It's leather. And kinda cute. And it looks like the one you found would look a lot like Fiona's if you turned it to wear it in front instead of on the side like that.

Clady said...

My tomboy girls refuse to wear a purse but they'll use a fanny pack. This might be good for me too.


Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Fuzz,
I carry a fanny pack, but i'd never wear it around my waist while standing up. I sometimes wear it that way on a bicycle, if traffic is bad.

A fanny pack adds like fifty pounds to everyone, and, when worn as stated, is easy to rip off if the pack is in back, or unlatch if the pack is in front. I don't like the backpack purses for the same reason.

So I think this is Much Better. It makes total sense, too. The last question is, how long are your legs? I notice this woman's functionality quotient does not extend to flat shoes. And yes, for sure in leather.

Just my two cents. It is a great look!

Ann T.

KD said...

I have gone "hands free" with a Vera Bradley backpack. Cute & girlie, very roomy, and not heavy by itself since it is all fabric. Just bought my second one, while they were on sale for more than 1/2 off. yay!

W said...

It looks like something Indiana Jones has!

Sew Simple Life said...

I LOVE her hip bag!!! I'm trying to find a good picture of her wearing it so I can make my own :)