Monday, August 2, 2010

what I did during my sick days

1.  I watched various episodes of The Unit, Ultimate Force, and Burn Notice. While I feel a sense of camaraderie with army wives, I definitely feel they get a rougher deal sending their men off for months at a time. I get to see mine everyday even if it's just in passing.

2.  I read rhe first book in the Vampire Diaries teen series. Kind of silly. But a guilty pleasure nonetheless. I finished reading the Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. Now I am currently reading a Juvenille book entitiled, The Declaration by Gemma Malley. I just realized all those books are fantasy books. HF probably wishes I would read his precious Dave Ramsey books. . .

3.  I made a playlist of all my favorite Owl City songs. I would love to see them in concert this month with John Mayer. (clears throat) If "Dave Ramsey" will allow it.

4.  I had a burst of energy and went downstairs and swept the floor. Then I felt nauseated and was sent back upstairs to bed. I did a double fist pump on my way back up the stairs.

5.  Took a nap on HF's shoulder while he watched Sense and Sensibility. His choice, not mine!

6.  Saturday was the worst. There was fever and vomiting. I called a few people and begged them to come and kill me. No one would. A friend (that I didn't ask to come over and kill me) brought over dinner and a 6 lb. bag of pretzels from Costco though. That was nice. We had to cancel our babysitter on Saturday night. But we rescheduled.

7.  I listened to the sounds of the children fighting. There was also lots of laughing. The baby was the cause of most of the laughter. I'm glad HF got to enjoy them so much this weekend while giving me a break.

8.  I made jam thumbprint cookies. And last night I made pancakes for dinner.

9.  All in all a very productive weekend! I think it's safe to say I will be back to my normal self tomorrow.

10.  Aaaaand. . . I'd be lying if I didn't also mention that I watched Twilight and New Moon a couple of times as well.


Yellow said...

Sounds like a well spent vacation :)

I have to agree with HF on the Dave Ramsey stuff.

I understand the camaraderie with Army Wives, I watch it too.

I just don't know if I should be happy for you feeling better, or sad your vacation is going to be over. :)

Take care.

Sister Copinherhair said...

Indubitably guarded Taylor Lautner one day. We both had to google him to see who the heck he was! Part of his made up song lyrics (I forget to what tune) was "I'm guarding a teenage werewolf..."

KD said...

Wow! Look what happens when you DON'T ask people to kill you. There has to be a lesson in there somewhere.... :) Here's to hoping you are all back to your normal self today! :)

Story Lady said...

So glad you're feeling better! And I'm devoted to The Unit for the same reason. I'm still miffed they canceled it

Ann T. said...

Dear Mrs. Fuzz,
I'm glad you got in some reading, rest, and video! Sorry about the bad stuff though.

I love hearing how HF got with the kids and the plan. That's a sign of a happy family! Although I'm sure the silverware or something is in the wrong place. :-)

Best wishes to recovery,
I should have said that before,
Ann T.

Slamdunk said...

Glad you are feeling better.

It sounds like #8 was a worthy reward for allowing mom some recovery time.