Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Police Gifts: etsy finds

I recently found some fun things on etsy when doing a search for handmade police items. You can click on the orange link below the pictures for more details on a certain item.

For babies and kids:
the cop stache pacifier by piquantdesigns. Haha!

hooded police towel by CoopedUp. So cute after a bath.

reversible police superhero cape (the other side is Fireman) by homemadeheroes4u.

mirandized by ecceprints. I love this! This would look cool in our office along with HF's other police stuff.

keystone cop print by Winterberrycottage. This would look good in our office too. Very cool looking.

For the Home:
Colt Revolver Throw Pillow by utilitarianfranchise (for our future winged leather chair in office/library. . .)

Gun Soap! by NANAS SOAPS. Hilarious. And she said it smells like black licorice. Mmmm.

For the Christmas Tree:


Meadowlark said...

I am actually doing subway art for the officers this year. My silhouette machine should arrive any day!!!! WOOT!

mrs. fuzz said...

My sister told me yesterday that she has entered over 20 giveaways for a silhouette machine. I still have no idea what it is, but she would basically kill for one! From what I hear, it can do everything. Lucky you!!

Meadowlark said...

I figured I wouldn't win, so I just bought one. :) I did win a cup cosy though.

Jackie said...

Oh!! Love the police car orinment! I think Kat over at The World's A Circus ( would love it! *plots*


Rebecca said...

Love, love the gun soap and the word art! Great finds!