Sunday, May 22, 2011

fuzz funnies

Luke (5 years old) seeing HF in uniform: "Dad, why are you dressed up like a policeman? That's what policemen wear. Are you a policeman? Is that your police car? Nah. That's not a police car. Police cars are supposed to be black and white. That one is blue and white."
HF: "Uh, yeah. I'm a real policeman." 

They've only had this discussion a million times or more...

On Friday, HF had another eye surgery. Same as this, but on his right eye this time. This time they knocked him out for the surgery. I took the kids over to a friend's so that I could be there kid-less when he woke up. When he was waking up, he was laughing a little bit, and then he quickly got stressed. He wanted to know where he was and if he had been shot. He asked the nurses a few times where his gun was and if he had been shot. Then he kept repeating his name and number and agency, and asked them to call his sergeant. Ha!

This time the recovery has been a night and day difference. He is resting a lot and has some pain, but no double vision and nausea! He is now able to have lasik, which is his next goal. My goal has been to get a van. We finally did yesterday! We went with the Honda Odyssey. I am already planning our first road trip. Any road trip tips? We have not had much success in the past.


RoryBore said...

Also have the Honda Odyssey. And we have done some very long road trips with it. Just over 1,000 km - um, that's one way! It takes us about 3 days if we stop each night at hotels with the kids -- or we can do it in 1 1/2 days if we drive at night while they sleep. (which thankfully, they do.) We are a bit tired when we arrive, but take turns giving each other a quick cat nap.

Our Honda van is a 2000, but does great on gas for these trips. We learnt the hard way once when Dh forgot to fill up before leaving town at night, and we didn't pass a gas station that was open past 10 pm -- and the gas light was on! But we still drove about another 30 minutes - which thankfully got us to a bigger city.

We also have duo DVDs which is great for the 2 older kids. Other than that, plan to take some short breaks. I pack snacks for the car, coloring books, picture books, my son has a hand held video game (he is the only reader, so car games don't work just yet), and small toys to play with. but even I get restless and need OUT at some point.
Good luck!

KD said...

A van?

I hate you right now.