Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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If you aren't already reading Blue Sheepdog, you should be. It's full of gear reviews, tactical advice, and much more. It's a great resource for officers. Right now until September 1st, if you sign up for the Blue Sheepdog newsletter, you are automatically entered to win a pair of Magnum Cobra boots! I myself am not in the market for some Magnum Cobra boots, but I know a guy or two who are. I subscribed.

I got this link of a California officer being shot from Mr. Police Man's blog. It's a scary video, but I'm impressed with how the officers handled the situation. It's a reminder to me that this job has unforseen risks and I am grateful for our men and women in blue (or black, or brown, or whatever). The wounded officer was last listed in critical but stable condition after surgery. I'm sure I speak for all when I say our thoughts are with the wounded officer and his loved ones and hoping for a speedy recovery!

You know how us police wives and significant others like to relate, right? I found this well written article, The Police Wife Life, Selfish Is Not An Option, by Melissa Littles. You probably won't learn anything new, but it's always nice to see that there are others that feel the way you do, or can put your feelings into words.

New (to me) LEO/SO blogs:
Life in Uniforms
Shining Pearls of Something
Sweet Goodness
Tactical Gear News

Let me know if you have a blog you want the world to know about.

And can I just say that I finally learned how to add facebook and twitter buttons to my blog?! I always feel like there's something to celebrate whenever I figure out an HTML thingie or other blog-related thing as I am in no way tech savvy. I wish I were though! So speaking of facebook and twitter, you can click on the icons on the top right of my sidebar and follow Mrs. Fuzz aka ME, or see here:

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Fun stuff.


Suz said...

Hi! Thanks for linking me!

I just started reading Blue Sheepdog - it's a great site!

Richard said...

Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate the links to my site (

FYI - New month, new giveaway. We're giving away a new pistol light this month. (In case you know anyone who might want one...)