Friday, August 26, 2011

Fuzz Funnies: Life With A Cop's Kids

I woke up this morning to screams coming from downstairs. Screams and the ripping of paper. It was too early for the kids to be up. I went downstairs and our 5 year old, Luke, was following his little brother around handing him "tickets" for various offenses. The 2 year old was not having it, and would either crumple these tickets up and throw them, or rip them up and throw them, all the while screaming, "NO!" Exasperated, Luke looked at me and said, "Why won't he take my tickets?!"

Then his big sister came downstairs and his face lit up. He looked her over and gasped. "You're wearing shoes in the house and on the carpet! Ticket for you!" She smiled but as soon as he handed her the ticket? Same thing. She crumpled and tossed it over her shoulder. Luke sat down and cried for just a second. Then he gave up and moved on to the next activity. Eating. Poor guy can't get any compliance.

Overheard this week when HF was leaving for work:

Beau (2 years):  I love your police car daddy.
HF:  I love YOU!
Beau (2 years): No, you love your police car.


Mommy to Monkeys said...

Too cute! Love his shirt!

Deputy's Wife said...

Love this! Maybe the Lil Lt. will grow up to be just like Daddy!

Marie said...

Aw adorable. He should have given them another ticket for ripping them up and littering.

RoryBore said...

that's hilarious! Maybe I should give "tickets" out around the house each time my 2 oldest start bickering, fighting and causing a "disturbance"!

Jenney said...

Oh my! How funny. His ticket book looks like my hubby's "brain" at work...aka little pocket notebook he writes everything down on quick. I made him quit using his HAND.

Lisa E said...

SO cute!

bail bonds las vegas said...

Gotta love toddlers! That is way cool.

Natalie said...

HAH! First off, we have that same exact shirt (thanks, Old Navy!). Second, LOVE the ticket citations! Third, since the hubs got a new black Dodge Charger for patrol, we seriously think he loves that car more than us at times.

Such a fun post!

P.S. word verification: tossor

Anonymous said...

Officer and I both laughed so hard at this post!!!!